2012-2013 Chinese Moviegoer Survey (Paid)

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Published by EntGroup Consulting, the 2012-2013 Chinese Moviegoer Survey is based on a national survey conducted between January-February 2013 with the goal of analyzing the unique behaviors of Chinese moviegoers.  The following is an outline of the content of this survey:


1. Conclusions and Overview 

2. Moviegoers Statistics
2.1 Gender 
2.2 Age 
2.3 Monthly Income 
2.4 Marital Status 
2.5 Family Structure 
2.6 Education 
2.7 Profession 
2.8 Geographical Distribution 
2.9 Viewing Frequency 

3. Survey Regarding Trends of Film Production and Distribution 
3.1 Movie Genres that Moviegoers Enjoy Most 
3.2 Genres of 3D Movies that Moviegoers Enjoy Most 
3.3 Genres of IMAX Movies that Moviegoers Enjoy Most 
3.4 Movie Genres that Moviegoers Want to See in Theaters during Spring Festival
3.5 Movie Genres that Moviegoers Want to See in Theaters during the Summer Season
3.6 Movie Genres that Moviegoers Want to See in Theaters during the National Day Holiday
3.7 Main Problems Moviegoers See in Domestic Movies 
3.8 Main Reasons why Moviegoers Choose to Watch Movies in Theaters
3.9 Main Methods Moviegoers Use to Obtain Information on Movies 
3.10 Impact of Online Reviews on Moviegoing Decisions
3.11 Purchasing Habits of Merchandising by Moviegoers 
3.12 Spending on Film Merchandising
3.13 Attitude of Moviegoers toward Movie Rating Systems

4. Survey RegardingExhibition 
4.1 Ticket Purchasing Methods Used by Moviegoers
4.2 Ticket Prices Moviegoers Consider Reasonable 
4.3 Highest Ticket Prices Moviegoers Will Accept 
4.4 Promotions Moviegoers Want to See in Theaters 
4.5 Desire among Moviegoers to Become Members of Theaters
4.6 Reasons Why Moviegoers Become Members of Theaters 
4.7 Attitude of Moviegoers toward Group Buying Tickets 
4.8 Group Purchasing Websites Most Used by Moviegoers
4.9 Per Capita Value of Concessions Purchased by Moviegoers in Theaters 
4.10 Reasons Moviegoers Go to Theaters to Watch Movies 
4.11 Reasons Moviegoers Do Not Go to Theaters to Watch Movies 

5. Survey Regarding Movie Ads and Previews 
5.1 Time when Moviegoers Enter Auditoriums 
5.2 Attitude of Moviegoers toward Pre-Movie Ads or Embedded Advertisements 
5.3 Habits of Moviegoers before Movies Start 
5.4 Types of Pre-Movie Ads/Embedded Advertisement Easily Accepted by Moviegoers
5.5 Attitude of Moviegoers toward Embedded Advertisement 
5.6 How Moviegoers Feel Embedded Ads Impact Their Viewing Experience 
5.7 Types of Embedded Products/Brands Moviegoers Consider Suitable
5.8 Ways Moviegoers View Previews
5.9 Elements Moviegoers Want to See in Previews
5.10 Impact of Previews on Moviegoers
5.11 Reasons Previews Might Fail in Attracting Moviegoers to Theaters

6. Survey of Viewing Habits 
6.1 Showtimes Moviegoers Prefer 
6.2 With Whom Moviegoers Usually Watch Movies  
6.3 Transportation Moviegoers Use to Get to Theaters 
6.4 Length of Time Moviegoers Are Willing to Spend on Commuting to Theaters 
6.5 Reasons Moviegoers Watch Movies at Theaters 
6.6 Considerations of Moviegoers in Choosing a Theater 
6.7 Importance of Nearby Facilities to Moviegoers 
6.8 Importance of Theater "Software" to Moviegoers 
6.9 Importance of Theater "Hardware" to Moviegoers 
6.10 Degree of Planning among Moviegoers that Choose to Go to Theaters
6.11 How Moviegoers Usually Choose Theaters, Movies and Showtimes
6.12 Last-Minute Changes in Movie Selection among Moviegoers
6.13 Reasons for Last-Minute Changes in Movie Selection

7. Survey Regarding Trends in New Movie Media 
7.1 Frequency of Moviegoers Watching Movies Online
7.2 Types of Movies Moviegoers Watch Online 
7.3 Online Resources Moviegoers Use to Obtain Information on Movies 
7.4 Attitude of Moviegoers toward Pay-per-View Model for Legal Online Movies
7.5 Prices of Online Pay-per-View Acceptable to Moviegoers
7.6 Types of Movies Moviegoers Choose to Purchase
7.7 Frequency of Moviegoers Watching Movies on Mobile Devices/Tablets 
7.8 Acceptable Length of Movies on Mobile Devices/Tablets 
7.9 Times Frames When Moviegoers Watch Movies on Mobile Devices/Tablets
7.10 Types of Movies Moviegoers Choose to Watch on Mobile Devices/Tablets
7.11 Video Websites Moviegoers Choose to Watch Movies on with Mobile Devices/Tablets

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Movie Gross Admissions
The Boy and the He...
Godzilla × Kong: T... US$49.72(M) 8156352
Dwelling by the We... US$8.68(M) 1590644
Kung Fu Panda 4 US$8.17(M) 1409483
The Victims US$7.90(M) 1447895
Viva La Vida US$6.52(M) 1097200
Super Villain US$2.78(M) 506810
The Pig, the Snake... US$1.74(M) 309475
Dune: Part Two US$1.23(M) 171004
Boonie Bears:Time ... US$1.10(M) 196493