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Wanda Cinema Line, part of China’s giant Dalian Wanda property to entertainment group, is buying a small share stake in Bona Film Group.
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Brave City

Side Job


Early Man

Super Model Fantasy

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Movie Gross Admissions
Project Gutenberg
Total Gross:US$143.37(M)
Lost, Found US$1.22(M) 268401
Shadow US$0.94(M) 183405
Hichki US$0.78(M) 179961
Hello,Mrs. Money US$0.45(M) 89788
Fat Buddies US$0.36(M) 73218
Cry Me A Sad River US$0.22(M) 44260
The Titan US$0.06(M) 12821
Midnight Ghost US$0.03(M) 7794
US$0.03(M) 3025
*Data provided by ComScore