2011-2012 Chinese Moviegoer Survey (Paid Version)

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2011 - 2012 Chinese Moviegoer Survey
1 Conclusions
 Trends in Film Production
 Film Promotion
 Attitude toward Advertising in Cinemas
 New Media for Films

2 Analysis of Survey Samples

3 Production and Distribution Survey
3.1 Ranking of Film Genres according to Viewer Preference
3.2 Ranking of 3D Film Genres according to Viewer Preference
3.3 Ranking of IMAX Films according to Viewer Preference
3.4 Major Problems Moviegoers Find with Domestic Films
3.5 Reasons Moviegoers Choose to Watch a Particular Film
3.6 Selection of Specific Film Formats
3.7 Language Preferences for Foreign Films
3.8 Ways Moviegoers Obtain Film Information
3.9 Things that Most Attract Audiences to Cinemas
3.10 Purchasing of Peripheral Products among Moviegoers
3.11 Types of Peripheral Products/Services Purchased by Moviegoers
3.12 Spending Levels on Peripheral Products among Moviegoers

4 Cinema Operations
4.1 Ticket Purchasing Practices among Moviegoers
4.2 Ticket Prices Deemed ‘Reasonable’ by Moviegoers
4.3 Highest Ticket Prices Acceptable to Moviegoers
4.4 Promotional Methods Moviegoers Hope to See from Cinemas
4.5 Moviegoer Purchasing of In-Cinema Products
4.6 Average Per-Person Spending on In-Cinema Products
4.7 Top Reasons Why Moviegoers Go to Cinemas to Watch Films
4.8 Top Reasons Why Moviegoers Choose not to Go to Cinemas

5 Film Advertisements
5.1 Moviegoer Attitudes toward Pre-screening Advertisements and Trailers
5.2 Lengths of Pre-screening Ads/Trailers Acceptable to Moviegoers
5.3 Pre-screening Ad Content Most Easily Accepted by Moviegoers by Industry
5.4 Moviegoer Attitudes toward Embedded Advertising
5.5 Impact of Embedded Ads on Films
5.6 Products Appropriate for Embedded Advertising according to Moviegoers

6 Viewing Habits
6.1 Habits of Moviegoers while Waiting for Films to Start
6.2 When Moviegoers Choose to Go to Cinemas to Watch Films
6.3 Whom Moviegoers Usually Choose to Watch Films With
6.4 Transportation Choices among Moviegoers
6.5 Acceptable Travel Times to Arrive at Cinemas
6.6 Motivations of Moviegoers to Watch Films in Cinemas
6.7 Monthly Entertainment Spending among Moviegoers
6.8 Entertainment Venues Frequented by Moviegoers
6.9 Factors Moviegoers Consider Most when Choosing a Cinema
6.10 Peripheral Services Most Important to Moviegoers
6.11 Cinema Services Most Important to Moviegoers
6.12 Cinema Facilities Most Important to Moviegoers

7 Film in New Media
7.1 Ways that Moviegoers Usually Watch Films
7.2 Frequency of Online Viewing among Moviegoers
7.3 Amount of Time Moviegoers Spend Online Per Day
7.4 Online Films Watched by Moviegoers by Genre
7.5 Online Film Choices among Moviegoers by Country
7.6 Online Resources Moviegoers Use to Obtain Information about Films
7.7 Ways Moviegoers Usually Choose to Watch Online Films
7.8 Video Websites Moviegoers Generally Use to Watch Films
7.9 Video Players Moviegoers Generally Choose to Watch Online Films
7.10 Reasons Why Moviegoers Watch Films Online
7.11 Moviegoer Attitudes toward Pay-per-View Online Films
7.12 Moviegoer Attitudes toward Advertisements in Online Video
7.13 Moviegoer Opinions on Micro Films
7.14 Reasons Why Moviegoers Choose to Watch Micro Films
7.15 Reasons Why Moviegoers Choose Not to Watch Micro Films
7.16 Ways that Moviegoers Find Out about Micro Films
7.17 The Ability of Moviegoers to Discover Embedded Ads in Micro Films
7.18 Moviegoer Interest in Embedded Brands
7.19 Sharing of Micro Films among Moviegoers
7.20 Frequency of Watching Films on Mobile Phones among Moviegoers
7.21 Length of Films Moviegoers Watch on Mobile Phones
7.22 Film Genres Most Watched by Moviegoers on Mobile Phones
Movie Gross Admissions
The Boy and the He...
Godzilla × Kong: T... US$16.88(M) 2793280
Dwelling by the We... US$4.49(M) 824122
Viva La Vida US$3.68(M) 624918
The Victims US$3.54(M) 649534
Kung Fu Panda 4 US$3.02(M) 529054
Super Villain US$1.68(M) 311626
In Broad Daylight US$0.73(M) 133806
My Father the Dog US$0.67(M) 126566
The Pig, the Snake... US$0.54(M) 96729