China Animation Industry Investment Research Report 2011

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The research and analysis conducted by EntGroup shows that, the scale of Chinese animation broadcast market is up to RMB 5.5 billion in 2010, up 33.4% compared with that in 2009, accounting for 24.1% of the total market share of animation industry in the year. The broadcast market revenue is expected to reach RMB 10.1 billion in 2012, a 31.5% increase in terms of market share. Revenue of animation related products will be up to RMB 15.3 billion in 2010. Though the growth rate of animation related products is lower than that of broadcasting market in the next three years, it maintains a rapid growth and the market scale is expected to reach RMB 22 billion in 2012.

In 2009, the market scale of animation film in China is RMB 620 million; a rise of 121.4% from the market scale in last year, and is expected to reach RMB 3.2 billion in 2012. The market share of animation film in the total film market will maintain a steady rapid growth, rising from 10% in 2009 to 15.2% in 2012. The growth of animation film market depends on the amount and the quality of animation films as well as audience. Some parents and adults are becoming the primary audience of animation films.





Table of contents
1 Introduction to Chinese animation industry 
1.1 Definition of animation 
1.2 Definition of animation industry 
1.3 Economic Attributes of Animation Industry
1.4 Animation Industry chain 
2 The Macro-environment of Chinese Animation Industry 
2.1 Consumer Environment 
2.2 Economic environment 
2.3Technology environment 
2.4 Policy environment 
2.5 Social and cultural environment 
3 Current Status of Chinese Animation Industry 
3.1 General market analysis 
3.1.1 Production 
3.1.2 Broadcasting 
3.1.3 The market of Animation related products 
3.2 Profit model of Chinese animation industry 
3.2.1 Culture industrialization 
3.2.2 Two-way drive of industry culturalization and culture Industrialization 
3.3 Business of animation related products  
3.3.1 Cost and profit  
3.3.2 Animation Technology’s Impact on Production Revenues 
3.3.3 Distribution of Animation’s Impact on Revenues   
3.3.4 Exploration of related products’ impact on Revenues   
3.3.5 Marketing’s impact on Revenues
4 Market Scale & Features of Chinese Animation Industry 
4.1 The Market of Chinese Animation Industry 
4.2 The Market of Chinese Animated TV Series 
4.3 The Market of Chinese Animated Film
4.4 The Market of Chinese Online Animation Productions  
4.5 The Market of Chinese Mobile Phone Animation Productions  
4.6 The Market of Chinese Animation Technology Service 
5 Market Features of Animation Related Products in China 
5.1 Animation-Related Books and Periodicals in China 
5.2 Related Toy Market 
5.2.1 Overview of Global Toy Industry 
5.2.2 Overview of Chinese Toy Industry Development  
5.2.3 Chinese Toy Industry’s Market Scale 
5.2.4 Chinese Animation-related Toy Market 
5.2.5 Future Development Trends of Chinese Toy Market 
5.3 Animation-Related Apparel Market in China 
5.3.1 Children’s Apparel Market in China 
5.3.2 Animation-Related Brand Apparel Market in China 
6 Analysis on Representative Animation Companies 
6.1 Guangdong Alpha Animation and Culture: Animation related toys
6.2 Talkweb Information: Mobile phone animation 
6.3 Toonmax Media: animation and cartoon platform
6.4 Global Digital: animation outsourcing and training 
6.5 Creative Power Entertaining: animation production and related products 
6.6 Skynetasia: cartoon image licensing 
6.7 Jiang Toon Animation: animation production and copyright export 
6.8 Great Dreams Cartoon: original animation 
7 Development Layout of Chinese Animation Industry  
7.1 Eastern China 
7.1.1 Status of animation production 
7.1.2 Key companies in animation industry 
7.2 Southern China 
7.2.1 Status of animation production  
7.2.2 Key companies in animation industry
7.3 Northern China 
7.3.1 Status of animation production 
7.3.2 Key companies in animation industry 
7.4 Middle China 
7.4.1 Status of animation production 
7.4.3 Key companies in animation industry 
8 Broadcasting Platforms for Animation Products in China 
8.1 TV Media for Children 
8.1.1 Scale of TV Media for Children 
8.1.2 Key TV Media for Children
8.2 Cinema Circuit 
8.2.1 General Status of cinema circuit market in China in 2010 
8.2.3 General Status of cinema development in China in 2010 
8.2.4 Development of digital screens in China in 2010 
8.2.5 Growth of 3D screens in China in 2010 
8.3 Internet Media of Animation 
8.3.1 Types of animation internet media 
8.3.2 Main audience of internet media 
8.4 Mobile phone media 
8.4.1 Concept of mobile phone media 
8.4.2 Main audience of mobile phone media
9 Prospect of animation industry in China 
9.1 Prospect of Industry Environment 
9.1.1 Economic trend 
9.1.2 National policies and their influence  
9.2 Prospect of animation related industry 
9.3 Prospect of Chinese Animation Industry Development
9.3.1 Technology Development Trend and Its Prospect
9.3.2 Product Development Trend and Its Prospect
9.3.3 Talents Development Trend and Its Prospect
9.3.4 Competition Trend and Its Prospect
10 Investment Analysis of Chinese Animation Industry  
10.1 Crossover trend 1: Children’s Products manufacturers invest in animation industry 
10.1.1 Toy producer investing in animation industry: Guangdong Alpha Animation
      and Culture 
10.1.2 Toy producer investing in animation industry : Huawei Co., Ltd. 
10.2 Crossover trend 2: Film, television, publication and online game companies
    step into the animation industry 
10.2.1, Children online game company investing in animation 
10.2.2 Tencent, Internet service provider investing in animation film  
10.2.3 UTOP, Children’s book publisher investing in TV animation 
10.3 Analysis on return of investment in animation film 
10.3.1 Scale of film industry in China 
10.3.2 Market size of animation film in Mainland China from 2007 to 2010 
10.3.3China’s Domestic Animation versus. Imported Animation in 2010 
10.4 Domestic animation investment companies and case study 
10.4.1 Cases of venture capitals in China’s animation industry
Movie Gross Admissions
Haikyu!! The Movie...
Be My Friend US$9.69(M) 1700113
No Zuo No Dai US$9.15(M) 1602800
Crisis Negotiators US$7.00(M) 1189465
Gold or Shit US$6.67(M) 1200938
The Garfield Movie US$5.85(M) 1101392
Furiosa: A Mad Max... US$3.18(M) 498351
Black Dog US$2.44(M) 418886
Doraemon the Movie... US$1.98(M) 375906
Life hotel US$1.23(M) 208440