Major Film Production Companies in China

2012/7/20 14:16:00(Beijing Time)    by: EntGroup Consulting

Major production companies

According to EntGroup's <2011-2012 China Film Industry Report>, there are several thousands of production companies in China.  Among them, around 1500 companies are based in Beijing.  In 2011, there are 190 companies that have produced films earning at least 100,000 yuan in box office per film.  These 190 companies can be further divided into three categories: The first category refers to major studios such as China Film Group, Huayi Brothers Media and Bona Film Group.  The second category refers to state-owned companies such as Shanghai Film Group, and companies eagerly preparing their IPO plans such as Beijing Galloping Horse Films and Ciwen Media. The third category refers to major provincial-leveled studios and private companies with solid box office records such as Perfect World and Guoli Changsheng.  The fourth category refers to companies that are currently inactive in film production.  In fact, there are a great number of companies belonging to the fourth category.  These companies in total produced a good number of productions but their commercial performances are always less-than satisfactory.  If these companies can integrate their production resources and cut down their production, only to jointly produce a few good-quality films, their productions will be able to compete with films by major studios.  As a result, the recent production slump will be improved in a great deal.

2011 Top 20 Production Companies by Box Office and Market Share

Major Production Companies

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Movie Gross Admissions
Men in Black Inter...
My Best Summer US$19.44(M) 4220981
Godzilla: King of ... US$12.74(M) 2542837
X-Men: Dark Phoenix US$11.01(M) 2167405
Chasing the Dragon Ⅱ US$10.40(M) 2057536
Macau Is The Seat ... US$3.89(M) 830053
Aladdin US$3.52(M) 668790
Whisper Of Silent ... US$2.90(M) 675215
3 Seconds US$2.87(M) 627807
Kaabil US$1.45(M) 326178