Mainland Box Office Chart in the Eighth Week 2012

2012/2/29 15:36:00 (Beijing Time)   Source:EntGroup Consulting    By:Vivi Wang

According to China film box office statistics by enbase, mainland box office gross in the eighth week (Feb 20, 2012- Feb 26, 2012) reached $37.49 million, down 39% from last week. Moviegoers in this week counted as 6.69 million in total, slumped 33% compared to last week. "Journey 2: The Mysterious Island” stayed at the top spot for another week with $10.55 million, and its accumulated gross so far reached $47.02 million. “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” rebounded to the second place, adding $7.04 million for its mainland total of $96 million. New released “Happy Feet 2”ranking in third place with an expected outcome $5.36 million. Box office of imported films accounted for 70% in mainland marketplace in the eighth week of 2012, up 10% comparing to that of last week. 

After Valentines booming week, mainland film market entered a disappointing period. Even with seven newcomers released in this week, due to lack of outstanding performances, weekly gross of this week was 40% down comparing to that of last week. “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island” once again topped the charts this week with $10.55 million for a total of $47.02million, which just earned half of its last week box office in this week. By 26th February “Journey 2” has taken in $235 million worldwide, and the sequel seems well pass the original “Journey to the Center of the Earth”‘ s total gross $240 million in just a few days away. Led by Tom Cruise “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” got back to the second place from last week’s number three with $7.04 million, and a accumulated gross of $96 million over one month run. “Happy Feet 2” opened in third with $5.36 million. The family friendly animated sequel hit on screen once again after six years since its original entry released. The 3D vision effect and the amusing plot are deemed to help the sequel to get a better box office than the original flick in mainland marketplace.

Even considering the impact of Hollywood blockbusters such as “Journey 2”and “Mission Impossible 4”, local films performed not bad in this week taking in $5.34 million. Capacity of mainland film market is getting bigger along with new policies unveiled. Gone with valentines’ Day romance flicks enjoyed less screening times than they took in last week. “Love” and “I Do”got $5.04 million and $2.29 million respectively in this week, both down 64% from that of last week. 

Action film“Killer Elite” contributed $2.27 million in this week to its total $4.51 million. “Tales of Two Cities”$1.81 million over three days run. Oscar’s Best Picture “The King’s Speech” debuted $0.72 million. The New edition of Hong Kong classic Kong Fu film “New Dragon Inn” grossed $0.68 million over three days run. The Tsui Hark’s classic was reborn with its own high-tech enhancement and its box office has already surpassed that of the same genre remade film “A Chinese Ghost Story”(1987 version) which was released last year with total gross of $0.46 million.

According to statistics by enbase, “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island” continued its domination when it comes to screening times in mainland marketplace. “Journey 2”enjoyed the most screening times of 19% market share. “Mission Impossible 4”and “Love” took 14% and 13% of that respectively. “Happy Feet 2”taking 13% market share of screening times, influenced films screening-schedules in mainland marketplace a lot after been released on Thursday. Comparing to other films screened in this time slot, “Killer Elite” was the one suffered the most by the release of “Happy Feet 2”.  

In the upcoming week (Feb. 27- Mar. 04, 2012), films as below are set to be released in mainland China. Directed by Steven Spielberg, DreamWorks’ “War Horse” will hit on screen on 28th, February. The Oscar-nominated epic film is highly expected in mainland marketplace. The last entry of “Crazy” (Feng Kuang) film series “Feng Kuang De Chun Zei” is set to be screened on 1st, March. Other four films will be released on the same day 2nd, March.

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