Mainland Box Office Chart in the Seventh Week 2012

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According to China film box office statistics by enbase, mainland box office gross in the seventh week (Feb 13, 2012- Feb 19, 2012) reached $60.97 million, up 20% from last week. Moviegoers in this week counted as 10.05 million in total, rising 12% compared to last week. Daily gross of Valentines’s Day took 33.9% market share of weekly box office with a tremendous $20.63 million.“Journey 2: The Mysterious Island” climbed to first place with gross $21.24 million, followed by romance flick “Love” with $13.91 million. Hollywood blockbuster “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” dropped to number three with $12.31 million, while its total gross so far has accumulated to $88.96 million over four weeks run. Box office of imported films accounted for 60% in mainland market in the seventh week of 2012. 

As Valentine's Day crowds poured into movie theaters as part of the classic dinner-and-a-movie date, mainland market place in this week reaped huge profits from lovers, weekly gross up 33% from last week. After finishing in second spot last week, “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island” played well during its second week run and edged past “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” to claim first place in this week, adding $21.24 million for mainland total of $36.46 million. The 92-minutes length and high 3D admission fee together contributed to its outperformance, as well as eye-grabbing 3D vision effect was also a guarantee for the family friendly adventure film.

Huayi Brothers’”Love” led a raft of romance flicks by pulling in $13.91 million and caught the second spot in weekly B.O. chart. Directed by Doze Niu, “Love” caught the eye at first because of its all-star cast, including young actors, such as Ethan Ruan, Mark Zhao and Eddie Peng, and veterans, such as Shu Qi and Zhao Wei. Set in Beijing and Taipei, “Love” told the story of three couples whose lives are intertwined, but in the end all characters found their own answers to what love is: namely courage and forgiveness.

Mainland director Sun Zhou presented “I Do”, a comedy that concentrated on the lives of 30’s -40’s single ladies. It is the first commercial movie for the artistic type director. Thanks to Valentines’ Day, the first commercial entry of Sun Zhou got a strong record of $6.31 million over its second week run. Hong Kong director Jonnie To trekked to Shangri-La for “Romancing in Thin Air”, a love story that takes place at an altitude of 3,800 meters. But its box office income was not as high as the altitude, just taking in $1.17 million in this week.

This year’s Valentines‘ Day came in Tuesday which is a normal workday for most people. But mainland film market drastically outperformed expectations with $20.63 million daily gross and 2.98 million daily admissions. “Journey 2” enjoyed almost same market share with “Love” in terms of screening times on that day. Even the latter had a higher attendance rate, “Journey 2” gained more box office revenue than “Love” did with daily gross of $ 6.58 million. That should thank to its 3D/IMAX ticket prices. “Love” hit the screens one day prior before Valentines’ Day as a warming up for movie theaters and the film got explosive growth in box office on Tuesday. It gained daily gross of $5.97 million and enjoyed 39 admissions per screen. “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol”and “I Do”took in $3.44 million and $2.68 million on that day respectively. These four movies together accounted for 91% box office market share on Valentines’ Day with $18.72 million.

According to statistics by enbase, benefiting from its 92-minutes length and high admission fee for 3D, “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island” was favored by movie theaters and it enjoyed the most screening times of 25% market share in this week. “Love” took 20% of that while “Mission Impossible 4”and “I Do” took 17% and 15% screening time slot respectively. On Valentines’ Day, some of romance flicks together enjoyed the most screening times and gained a huge profit just in one single day.

In the upcoming week (Feb 20- 26, 2012), films as below are set to be released in mainland China.
Including Hollywood 3D animated hit “Happy Feet 2”, Oscar winner “The King’s Speech” which is the 2011 Academy Award Best Picture, and a reproduction of a Hong Kong classic martial featured movie “New Dragon Inn”. It will be a crowed and expecting week in which seven fresh films are about to hit on silver screens.

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Movie Gross Admissions
The Boy and the He...
Godzilla × Kong: T... US$16.98(M) 2798631
Dwelling by the We... US$4.52(M) 825163
Viva La Vida US$3.70(M) 625698
The Victims US$3.57(M) 650211
Kung Fu Panda 4 US$3.06(M) 532243
Super Villain US$1.69(M) 311872
In Broad Daylight US$0.74(M) 133856
My Father the Dog US$0.70(M) 131788
The Pig, the Snake... US$0.55(M) 96784