TV Media Platforms for Animation Productions in China

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Scale of children’s TV media

In 2010, there were 272 TV stations in China, which covered 97.23% population. Of which:

In China, there were five professional children’s cartoon channels, i.e. Hunan Aniworld TV, CCTV-Children, Oriental Toonmax TV, Guangdong Jiajia Cartoon TV, and Beijing KAKU. Professional broadcasting channels together with professional thoughts about program editing and broadcasting have driven China’s animation industry to a road of mature industrialization.

In China, there were 18 children’s channels at provincial level. In addition to these, children’s programs were provided through other channels at different levels. Key provincial children’s channels are listed as below:

Program Resources of Children’s Channel in China in 2010

Key children’s TV media

  • Beijing KAKU

Beijing Kaku Animation Satellite Channel Co., Ltd. was organized and funded by Beijing TV station. It was incorporated in October 2006, with registered capital of RMB 40 million. The Company is responsible for managing and operating Beijing KAKU, controlling five centers, i.e. the management center, broadcast center, production center, operation center, and corporate planning center, along with two subsidiaries, i.e. Beijing KAKU Cartoon & Animation Culture Co., Ltd. and Beijing KAKU Qi Se Guang Culture Co., Ltd., each of which is responsible for different forms of business. Activities cover original animation creation, program production, program broadcasting, copyright transaction, brand licensing, performance broker, R&D of derivative products, and children art training, etc.

  • Aniworld TV

Aniworld TV was launched on April 29, 2004. Aniworld TV aired on five major debut theaters represent 75% of those aired on this channel in a full day. It provides the premium platform for domestic animations. Viewers of Aniworld TV are in every range of age, having different occupations. So, Aniworld TV deserves the name of “all-age cartoon” viewing platform. Teenager viewers show an agglomerated viewing rate of 40% over toward Aniworld TV.

  • Toonmax TV 

Shanghai Toonmax TV is a professional TV cartoon channel approved by SARFT and the Communication Department of Shanghai Municipal Committee of CPC. Toonmax TV was jointly funded and organized by six mainstream media organizations in Shanghai as a large state-owned TV media organization. It was launched on December 26, 2004.
With TV broadcasting as platform, Toonmax TV cooperates with many kinds of media, dedicating to original creation of domestic cartoon images, investment and production of cartoon film and TV, R&D of peripheral animation products, and market-oriented operation of animation brands. It aims to become a leading brand and the preferred channel for cartoons in Chinese.

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