Mainland China Box Office Performance in Week 48

2011/11/30 16:06:00(Beijing Time)    by: EntGroup Consulting

According to China Box-office statistics by enbase, the mainland Box-office gross in Week 48 (Nov 21-27, 2011) reached $33.33 million, showing a 18% box-office drop from last month, a 37% increase compared to the same time last year. Moviegoers this week counted as 6.72 million in total, 16% descend compared to last month. The mainland market has entered New Year holiday season with the release of “East Meets West 2011”, which one took in $7.82 million taking the Top spot. Last week’s champion “Love in Not Blind” was defeated to number two grossing $6.95 million in this week while its total ticket income has crossed the line of RMB 330 million. “The Adventures of Tintin” dropped to Top 3 place comparing to last week’s number two spot with $6.23 million in this week and its total gross summed up to RMB 100 million overall. Benefiting from local film “East Meets West 2011”, domestic films market share went up to 54% comparing to last week’s 47% correspondingly.

With the release of Chinese New Year movie “East Meets West 2011”, mainland market has entered New Year holiday season ahead of time. Directed by Jeffrey Lau, the film has a star-studded cast, including Hong Kong music star Eason Chen and popular singer Karen Mok. With a debut of $7.82 million, the film beat the super dark horse “Love in Not Blind” taking the top spot in this week. Although audiences’ reviews of this film are mixed, with some praising it enthusiastically and others calling it cluttered and boring, “East Meets West 2011” is not likely to be set back in terms of box office, benefiting both from the star-studded cast and the advantage of the movie franchise. The repeated champion “Love in Not Blind” defeated by the New Year comedy in this week catching $6.95 million box office revenue and summing up to RMB 330 million of total gross. It set a pattern of how to do a high-profit movie with low-budget for local producers. This film also broke the record of rate of box office return on film investment in mainland. All these notable figures indicate that film content should get connection to common people’s real life while the orientation for core target audience should be as precisely as possible.

Hollywood animated blockbuster “The Adventure of Tintin” added $6.23 million this week for a double-week total of $15.61 million, which gross has crossed the line of RMB 100 million. Due to its not-up-to-the-mark reputation “Legendary Amazons” slumped 39% in box office revenue comparing to last record, despite a 21% increase in screening rate. Tickets income of this local film is $5.68 million since been released for two weeks. Thriller movie “Night Mare” debuted to poor performance of $0.94 million in its opening week. That may blame on the uncertain release schedule.

According to the data published by enbase, “Love is Not Blind” repeatedly ruled the screening rate of mainland this week, enjoying 22%, followed by fresh released “East Meets West 2011”as 17% of screening rate. “Legendary Amazons” took 12% in the market, showing a 21% growth from last week’s screening rate. But due to low audience attendance rate, this historic story continued poor performance and just got a disappointing ticket income of $2.15 million, 39% drop from last week.

In the coming Week 49 (28, Nov-2, Dec 2011), films as below are going to be released in mainland China.

Enbase is an up-to-date database system developed by entgroup. It contains detailed information of more than 300,000 films and television shows, including information of the distributors, directors, cast, etc as well as film box-office record and audience attendance rate.

Movie Gross Admissions
Ne Zha
The Bravest US$40.14(M) 7903948
Line Walker 2 US$25.26(M) 4903802
Bodies at Rest US$18.11(M) 3828615
The Angry Birds Mo... US$9.32(M) 1955782
For the Glory US$9.30(M) 1903689
The Mystery of Dra... US$2.09(M) 443769
Shanghai Fortress US$1.67(M) 357116
Send Me to the Clo... US$1.21(M) 240419