Mainland China Box Office Performance in Week 39

2011/9/29 14:57:00(Beijing Time)    by: EntGroup Consulting

According to China Box-office statistics by enbase, the mainland Box-office gross in Week 39 (Sep 19-25, 2011) reached $20.4 million, showing a 27% box-office decrease from last month and a 28% decline compared to the same time last year. Moviegoers in this week counted as 3.84 million in total, slumped about 25% compared to last month. , it was a low-grossing week taking place straight after the Summer Vocation, overall business was off without the Hollywood blockbusters stimulation to this market. 3D underwater drama “Sanctum” finished on top in its third week run nabbing a total 3.38 million, followed slightly down by “Drive Angry” with 3.24 million. The newcomer “China 1911” broke into Top 3 within 3 days gaining 2.73 million. Domestic films got a good record this week taking 40% share of the whole Box-office market.


Sanctum's marketing pitched the 3D action and James Cameron's involvement which lead this movie rebound to Top 1 gaining 3.38 million this week. It can be expected that “Sanctum” will soon cross a milestone with more than 100 million in Mainland China ticket sales. Nicolas Cage action movie “Drive Angry” is a surprise hit with a 3.24 million box office income as number 2. Last week’s champion “Captain American” fell down to Top 4 with 2.23 million. New released “Arthur et la guerre des deux mondes” stayed at Top 9 with 0.81 million in its first 3 days run. Based on the historical movie “China 1911”has a fairly big star attached such like Jacky Cheng, Bingbing Fan, etc., albeit one missed its expectation. Distributed by Beijing Galloping Horse, “May Day 3DNA”gained 1.91 million within 3 days. May Day is a super-fame band team from Taiwan having a great amount fans both from Mainland and Taiwan, China. Using 3D technology to reproduce May Day concert, this movie grossed 1.91 million within 3 days in China mainland.


In the coming week 40 (Sep 26-Oct 2, 2011), Films as below are going to be released in mainland China.


Enbase is an up-to-date database system developed by entgroup. It contains detailed information of more than 300,000 films and television shows, including information of the distributors, directors, cast,etc as well as film box-office record and audience attendance rate.

Movie Gross Admissions
Jade Dynasty Ⅰ
The Last Wish US$10.32(M) 2198201
Little Q US$8.02(M) 1657553
The Legend Of Hei US$7.57(M) 1580094
Detective Conan: T... US$7.54(M) 1704664
Mao Zedong 1949 US$6.69(M) 1285062
Ne Zha US$4.79(M) 970242
Fast & Furious Pre... US$3.38(M) 626540
Friend Zone US$3.23(M) 736481
Crawl US$2.77(M) 619694