'X-Men: Apocalypse' Tops China B.O. on Its First Week

2016/6/8 10:36:00(Beijing Time)    by: Entgroup

According to enbase’s China film box office statistics, mainland box office gross in the 22th week (May 30-June 5, 2016) reached $ 111 million, 52% higher than last week, 11% up on year-on-year basis. The market recovered overall.

X-Men: Apocalypse topped the Chinese box office this week. It grossed $ 59.33m over its three-day opening weekend, accounting for almost half of last week’s total box office. The X-Men films have had a strong foothold in China dating back to 2003 when X2 was released, and it has a good rate on douban.com, the China film info site. On the other hand, it faces challenge. With Warcraft coming, Apocalypse is caught in an awkward position and can only hold on to premium priced IMAX and 3D screenings for one weekend.

Alice Through the Looking Glass was down to the second place with $22.61m, bringing its total to $49.99m after ten days.

Sony’s Angry Birds dropped to the third place with $19.58m. After 17 days that put it on a cumulative of $72.67 million. It performed well beacuse of Children's Day.
Captain America: Civil War ranked the fourth with $3.77m. Its month-long run ended on Sunday with a total of $192.38m after 31 days, making it the second-biggest imported film this year so far, behind Zootopia. Currently, Captain America ranks 14 in mainland box office.

Among the new titles for this week were Compass and Fruit Story, two animations due out on June 1st. Box office takings on International Children's Day increased five percent from theprevious year to reach about $22.4 million.

Movie Gross Admissions
More Than Blue
Captain Marvel US$13.82(M) 2635462
Song of Youth US$11.81(M) 2428782
Green Book US$7.00(M) 1487121
Bohemian Rhapsody US$5.96(M) 1054891
Prooi US$5.04(M) 1183013
So Long, My Son US$3.61(M) 698231
The Lego Movie 2: ... US$2.19(M) 457899
The Wandering Earth US$1.57(M) 331183
How To Train Your ... US$1.52(M) 315733