'Warcraft': Game Adaptation Is Promising to Hit China

2016/5/31 11:27:00(Beijing Time)    by: Entgroup

Legendary Pictures and UPI’s summer blockbuster "Warcraft" will be released on June 8th, in all formats (2D, 3D, IMAX and giant-screen) in mainland China.

The film has already been released in other territories, with good grosses. It opened with $10 million in Russia, giving it the second biggest debut of 2016. It snagged $5.9m in Germany and $4.5m in France. It got the fourth-biggest opening weekend ever for Universal in Sweden with a $1.2m debut. It topped the charts in Austria, Denmark (third-biggest of the year), Egypt, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Latvia, Lebanon, Middle East, Norway, Pakistan, Slovenia, Switzerland, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates, according to Forbes.

While, at the same time, the film critics from foreign mainstream media (including MetaCritic) give a negative feedback. On Rotten Tomatoes, the average rating is 4/10. On the other hand, the index of “want to see” is 95%.

Based on a popular video game, the film is promising to hit Chinese market. Since there are more than 1 million active users of Blizzard Entertainment's WoW in China, according to WoW webste.

According to Enbase, "Warcraft" in mainland zero field sale at the box office has reached more than 79 million yuan by now. After all, a large number of game fans are very excited to watch the film. To them, it’s a great present being waited for long time. Media rating is not an important factor in deciding to see the film or not.

Like Sony’s “Angry Birds,” an animated film based on the mobile video game,earned a cumulative total of more than 347 million yuan in mailand China by now, "Warcraf" is likely to hit the market.

Besides, "Warcraft" will be debuted on the day just before the three-day Dragon Boat Festival holiday, therefoe, the film's first week box office may be an amazing number.

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