Mainland China Box Office Performance in Week 46

2011/11/16 15:24:00(Beijing Time)    by: EntGroup Consulting

 According to China Box-office statistics by enbase, the mainland Box-office gross in Week 46 (Nov 7-13, 2011) reached $50.74 million, showing a 102% box-office growth from last month, a 248% increase compared to the same time last year. Moviegoers this week counted as 10.36 million in total, 99% up compared to last month. Low-budget domestic film “love is not Blind” became a super dark horse of this week in terms of box office, catching $28.48 million within its six days run, Followed by “Reel Steel” with $8.76 million. “Immortals” gained $5.11 million as rank three spot. Benefiting from local film “Love is not Blind”, domestic films market share went up to 59% comparing to last week’s 22% of that.



Perfect World’s “Love is not Blind” debuted to a better-than-expected performance of $28.48 million from 18 thousand domestic locations and attracted 1.6 million audiences to cinemas within its six days run, that made the low-budget film a super dark horse in terms of Box office. Benefiting from its bursting popularity on the opening day, “Love is not Blind” enjoyed a step growth in screening rate since been released in mainland China while the audience attendance rate continually in a high level. That outstanding score made “Love is not Blind” the champion of this week and easily slipping off the Hollywood films” Rise of the Planet of the Apes” , “Immortals” and “Reel Steel”. “Reel Steel” went to the second place with $8.76 million.“Rise of the Planet of the Apes” just earned a modest income with $4.74 million this week though its total gross reached $28.52 million in its third week run. Besides “Love is not Blind”, “Single Terminator” is another romance story both aimed to released on the “Single Day”, but the latter just got $0.18 million in box office.



Starring Wen Zhang and Bai Baihe, "Love is not Blind" cumed $7.99 million on November 11, known as “Single Day” in China. The break-up themed flick resonated with many moviegoers that day. Competing in nationwide theaters with three Hollywood blockbusters—"Rise of the Planet of the Apes," "Real Steel" and "Immortals", the low-budget project with less than RMB 10 million in investment is deemed a miracle in China's film industry.
Thinking of the boom of “Love is not Blind”, industry insiders reconsider what are the key points to produce a successful local film in terms of box office. EntGroup suggest that no matter for a low-budget or a large amount investment movie, the mode of “good story+ capable director+ talented actors+ suitable market promoting+ marketable distribution schedule” is the very effective approach to earn impressive ticket sales.

According to the data published by enbase, the screening rate of“Love is not Blind” has been in a step growth since been released six days ago as 38 percent in the market, followed by “Reel Steel” as 20 percent of screening rate. Because of the ruling market share of the champion of this week, screening rate of “Detective Conan Quarter of Silence”, ”Starry Starry Night” and “Kora” all slumped to low points of 7%, 4% and 2% respectively.  

In the coming Week 47 (14-20, Nov 2011), films as below are going to be released in mainland China.



Enbase is an up-to-date database system developed by entgroup. It contains detailed information of more than 300,000 films and television shows, including information of the distributors, directors, cast, etc as well as film box-office record and audience attendance rate.

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