Mainland Box Office Chart in the 15th Week 2012

2012/4/19 14:53:00(Beijing Time)    by: EntGroup Consulting

According to enbase’s China film boxoffice statistics, mainland boxoffice gross in the 15th week (April 09-15, 2012) reached $85.74million, a robust growth of 114% when compared to last week. Moviegoers this week totaled 12.81million, also up 94% over last week’s numbers.

James Cameron’s “Titanic” resurfaced in the mainland on Tuesday in 3D and IMAX 14 years after the 2D version arrived in China. The re-released juggernaut generated an astounding $74.27million over six days,accounting for 87% of the mainland boxoffice in the 15th week of 2012.  “Love in the Buff” hung onto second place for the second week in a row, adding $1.68million for a total of $11.03million. Newcomer “R.T.T.”also garnered $1.68million over four days in release, which was good enough for third place.

The Mainland’s rapidly expanding film industry continued to break new ground and set records, grossing a superb $85.74million over this week. The 3D version of “Titanic” opened on April 10 with a big splash at boxoffice.  It hauled in $74.27million over six days in release, easily breaking the record for opening-week gross set by “Transformer 3”(with an opening-week gross of $62.11million). The classic disaster-romance became the hottest topic in town after “Avatar” and “Transformer 3”. Chinese moviegoers appeared quite passionate about the renewed release, which opened at midnight on Tuesday to lines and lines of people trying to buy tickets. The nationwide nostalgic vibe propelled the film to a 92 viewers per screening average during the opening week, which also broke the record set by “Transformer 3”(which also enjoyed 90 viewers per screening in its first week). “Titanic”3D was released in United States on April 4, grossing $44.72million over two weeks, almost half of what it made in Mainland China through the first week. “Titanic” has totaled more than $2billion in boxoffice worldwide (including the initial release’s gross).  Here in China, the Mainland market contributed the most ticket sales to the re-released classic, making it the largest market worldwide in terms of boxoffice gross of “Titanic” 3D.

Due to the strong performance of “Titanic” 3D, films screened in the same time slot suffered a huge slump in boxoffice gross this week. “Love in the Buff” brought in $1.68million this week, down 74% from last week. Opening films like“R.T.T” and “Ninja” only took in $1.68million and $1.24million respectively. 

According to enbase statistics, “ Titanic 3D” dominated mainland boxoffice screenings this week, enjoying 38% of the market share in terms of total number of screenings, followed by “Love in the Buff” which took 11% of the weekly screenings. Local film “Blood Stained Shoes” received 8% of the weekly screenings, but due to its truncated audience attendance per screening, the low-budget thriller was beaten down by new entries “Ninja” and “R.T.T.” in terms of boxoffice cume. Additionally, “R.T.T” took 7% of the weekly screenings.

Next week (Apr. 16-22, 2012), the films below will be released in Mainland China. Among these three fresh flicks, “Battleship” which is another water-borne Hollywood blockbuster is highly anticipated. Along with “Titanic”, two vessels ready themselves for battle on the high seas.It looks set to be an even hotter week at the films.

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