Mainland Box Office Chart in the 12th Week 2012

2012/3/30 12:09:00(Beijing Time)    by: EntGroup Consulting

According to enbase’s China film boxoffice statistics, mainland boxoffice gross in the 12th week (Mar 19-25, 2012) reached $31.75million, almost the same score as that of last week. Moviegoers this week totaled 5.67million, an increase of 2% when compared to last week.

Walt Disney’s "John Carter of Mars" easily maintained the top spot for the second week in a row, taking in a solid $15.85million in weekly gross. The sci-fi flick has grossed $29.88million through 10 days of release. This week, boxoffice of “John Carter of Mars” accounted for half of mainland weekly total gross.

Tri-national romance“Late Autumn” opened on March 23 and debuted at second place with $4.41million. Hong Kong action hit “Night Fall” came in third place this week, adding $2.91million for a total of $6.04million.

Both Low-budget films and co-productions were present in the mainland box office this week, but none could come close to competing with Walt Disney’s mega-budget epic "John Carter of Mars" which maintained a strong lead for the second straight week. Its total now sits at $29.88 million through 10 days in release. While the sci-fi novel adaptation has performed well in China, and in other international territories (taking in $172 million thus far), it has failed to make an impact on US audiences, earning an abysmally small $62.4 million as of March 25.  With a budget of $250 million, Disney is looking at something like a $200 million dollar loss (though international performance could cushion that a little bit).

Starring Tang Wei and Korean movie star Hyun Bin, “Late Autumn” opened on Friday with mixed reviews among audiences. But thanks to its star power and art house taste, the co-production film overtook “A Simple Life” for the number two spot with $4.41million over 3 days in release. “Night Fall” dropped 7% in boxoffice gross for $2.91 million this week and $6.04million through 11 days. Interestingly, “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” was able to crack back into the Top 10 chart this week with $0.29million in boxoffice cume. Its total mainland gross reached a stunning $102.73million as it was off the silver screen since March 25. “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” has now become the third highest grossing film in the history of the mainland boxoffice market, coming in behind “Avatar” and “Transformer 3” while surpassing box office smash hits like "2012” and “Transformers 2”.

According to enbase statistics, “John Carter of Mars” dominated mainland boxoffice screenings this week, enjoying 30% of the market share in terms of total number of screenings. “Night Fall” and “Marry A Prefect Man” took 13% and 11% of the weekly screenings respectively. Benefiting from high audience attendance “Late Autumn” took an additional 9% of screenings, performing strongly after a late start on March 23.

Next week (Mar. 26-Apr. 1, 2012), the films below will be released in Mainland China. With nine fresh films scheduled to opening next week, the mainland market continues to heat up as new entries vie for ticket sales.


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