2014-2015 China Film Industry Report: Abstract II

2015/10/13 10:31:00(Beijing Time)    by: Entgroup Consulting

In 2014, China’s total film audiences increased rapidly again, with a year-on-year increase of 218 million man-times. In age distribution, China’s film audiences between 19 and 40 accounted for 87% of the total in recent 2 years, among whom, audiences aged between 19 and 30 accounted for more than 50% and became the major film audiences; in education background distribution, audiences with a bachelor’s degree or junior college’s degree accounted for 80%. Senior intellectuals and white collars became the core audiences in China, whose consumption and demands for films reflect the situation of major film audiences.

Meanwhile, the new force of Chinese films is emerging rapidly as new or cross-over directors’ works and topic and fan films increased significantly. Such films break the fixed model and are favored by youngsters and core audiences. With the development of theaters, audiences can accept increasingly extensive contents and information, be able to and tend to have fixed and fine demands for film contents.


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Movie Gross Admissions
The Last Frenzy
Twilight of the Wa... US$11.27(M) 1923116
Kingdom of the Pla... US$9.36(M) 1599101
Hovering Blade US$5.89(M) 998424
Formed Police Unit US$3.48(M) 592847
18×2 Beyond Youthf... US$2.31(M) 426288
SPY×FAMILY CODE: W... US$2.01(M) 368385
Strangers When We ... US$1.71(M) 285916
Howl's Moving Castle US$1.58(M) 280905
Interstellar Mission US$1.10(M) 196860