Top 10 Cinemas of May: Wanda Cinema Chain Owns 3 Top-earnings out of 10

2015/6/10 10:53:00(Beijing Time)    by: Entgroup Consulting

According to EBOT statistics, mainland China’s cinemas earned a monthly total of $510.3million by selling-tickets in May.  And 85.5million of admissions joined in 4.2million of showings las month.

Shanghai Wanda Cinemas Wujiaochang won the championship from last month's ticket-selling with $1.4milion. Guangzhou Wanda Cinemas in Baiyun followed up tightly, earned $1.33million total box office. Both affiliated to Wanda Cinema Chain, No.1 and No.2 cinemas separately screened 1943 and 1689 showings in their houses, totally counting 246,782 admissions.

The third place was taken by Jackie Chan Beijing Yaolai Cinemas, whose box office revenue notched up $1.2million from the most showing number-2800, among the 10 most earning theatres. Gungzhou UA Mall of the World Cinemas, member of Omnijoi Cinema Circuit, went to No.4 with $1.19milliom. Following tightly to No.4, Shanghai Yonghua Cinema screened over 2400 showings for 111,250 moviegoers and made $1.15million last month. Shenzhen Orange Sky Golden Harvest Cinemas notched up same record at $1.15million in the sixth place.

Rounding out top 10 cinemas in Mainland China of May, two cinemas are located in Beijing and both belong to China Film Stellar Cinema Chain, one of the biggest cinema chain with nationwide membership network. The third one from the bottom of the ranking was another Wanda affiliation cinema in Shanghai. Guangzhou Feiyang Cinema-Zhengjia Branch became the only representative of Guangzhou’s top cinemas, cumed $1.03million in May.

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Movie Gross Admissions
Be My Friend
No Zuo No Dai US$9.24(M) 1619318
Crisis Negotiators US$7.17(M) 1226387
The Garfield Movie US$7.13(M) 1338972
Gold or Shit US$4.92(M) 890601
Furiosa: A Mad Max... US$3.73(M) 581990
The Last Frenzy US$3.49(M) 612092
Doraemon the Movie... US$3.28(M) 616304
Twilight of the Wa... US$2.84(M) 483663
Civil War US$1.49(M) 253151