Week 51: 'Gone with the Bullets' Shot $54.29M in Debut Week

2014/12/24 16:29:00(Beijing Time)    by: Entgroup Consulting

According to enbase statistics, mainland boxoffice gross in the 51st week (Dec. 15-21, 2014) reached $92million, up 17% vs. the previous week, and increased 15% y-o-y. Moviegoers this week totaled 15million, with growth of 4% than the 50th week.

Amidst a mixture of critics, “Gone with the Bullets” shot down $54.29million and making nearly 60% of the boxoffice revenue in the opening week. In four days’ screening, Jiang Wen’s musical comedy attracted 7909637 admissions, in which were largely counted from the online pre-sale of film tickets. No.1 earner of the previous two weeks, “Fleet of Time” was toppled by the “Bullet” sequel, falling into the second place with $15.92million weekly gross. Targeting the young moviegoers, the “Enlight presented” romance has gained $88.94million in total from the 17 days in cinemas. In the 51st week, “Meet Miss Anxiety” added $9.73million into $24.14million total gross in 10 days’ screening, still seizing 10.5% market share and 165077 showings among the fierce competition in Mainland Chinese film market.

Even taking the fourth place, “The Crossing: Part 1” only occupied 3.5% of the market, gaining $3.24million in the 51st week. The close runner of “The Crossing”, “Women Who Flirt” earned $2.54million in its third week and its cumulative gross reached $36.72million, which is $6.97million higher than total gross of “The Crossing”.  The only Korean blockbuster, “Roaring Current” has risen upward from seventh place to the sixth with $1.78million in week 51. As the market was largely taken by “Gone with the Bullets”, following films cashed in less than $600,000 in the 51st week—“Fury” ($600,000), “The Galaxy on the Earth” ($540,000), “Blind Massage” ($500,000) and “Flower’s Curse” ($460,000).

EBOT’s historical statistics demonstrates the champion debut earning of “Gone with the Bullets” in the 51st week, comparing to two other anticipated films of December—“The Crossing: Part 1” and “Fleet of Time”. Though receiving different comments after premiere, “Gone with the Bullets” dipped from $12.84million into $11.43million on day 2, it soon notched up $16.23million on the next day, with rushing audiences on Saturday.  "Fleet of Time", released on Friday--Deccemer 5, earned $32.98million in its first weekend, seeing steep downs since day 4. Smilarly distributed in 3D/IMax format, "The Crossing: Part 1" was not as lucky as "Gone with the Bullets", which kicked off on Tuesday with $4.39million and continuously declined until the fifth day, peaking second high on $3.59million.

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