Week 45 Preview: Pre-celebration of the 'Singles' Day'

2014/11/3 20:18:00(Beijing Time)    by: Entgroup Consulting

According to Enbase’s China film boxoffice statistics, eight films below will be released in Mainland China in the 45th week (Nov. 3-9). “Sweet World”, discussing the combat between urbanization and countryside nostalgia, will embrace its audiences on November 4. The suspense about a losing woman, “The Boundry” will present Liu Ye, who’s famous for a righteous image, on Thursday. On Friday of the 45th week, there will be four more romances coming into the theatres and preheating the market for the Chinese “Singles' Day” (November 11, or 11.11) celebration.  With the star casting, such as Huang Shengyi in “Nature Law”, Liu Yifei and Rain in “For Love Or Money” and Charlene Choi ft. Anthony Wong in “Gangster Payday”, those films are going to take the box office vie on their first weekend. After re-scheduling, Umedia and Studio Canal’s production, “African Safari” is set to show on November 7. And a thriller, “She And She” will be on screens the same day as well.


The adaptation of Amy Chueng’s novel, “For Love Or Money” is one of the most expected films of the 45th week. Starring Liu Yifei (also as Crystal Liu) and Korean pop star, Rain, this film will be appealing to the fanbase who wish to watch a breakthrough of their idols on silver screens. According to Enbase’s China film boxoffice statistics, with Liu’s as a leading character, seven films seperately earned over RMB100million yuan (apprx. USD$16.3million) in total. “The Four” series significantly contributed to Liu’s box office performance in the recent six years, especially the part one, winning the top money making work of Liu with $32.23million. In the Kung-fu film, "The Fobbiden Kingdom” (boxoffice: $30.67million), Liu has played opposite with famous martial art stars, Jackie Chan and Jet Li, winning reputations since then. The later boxoffice-success films of Liu were all in ancient costume. Even though she obtained the nickname of “Fairy” from her previous TV drama, the films made more audience regarded her as the beauty in the ancient settings. “Love in Disguise” was the only modern comedy film of Liu in recent years, recording the box office about $930,000.


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Jade Dynasty Ⅰ
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