Week 45: 'Thor 2' Dominates Singles' Day Movie Season

2013/11/12 17:14:00(Beijing Time)    by: EntGroup Consulting

According to statistics from EBOT EntGroup Box Office Tracker, the mainland box office gross of the 45th week (November 4-10) was about ¥350 million ($56 million), up 39% compared to box office performance last week and a 45% rise y-o-y. Moviegoers this week totaled 9.99 million.

After three days in release, Thor: The Dark World put up strong numbers to top the box office charts with a $20.98 million debut. Hollywood actioner Escape Plan, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone, hauled in $20.81 million through seven days. Animated Hotel Transylvania brought in $3.51 million for a cumulative $9.3 million. Stalingrad dropped to fourth place after its eleven-day theatrical run, grossing $2.7 million  for a solid cume of $11.06 million. China's Love You for Loving Me earned $1.7 million during its opening three days, which equals to 8.1% of Marvel's 'Thor' sequel. While big budget fare is performing strongly, it's a decidedly tougher time for low budget films, which are struggling to find larger mainland market sucess.

As the second follow-up to The Avengers, Thor: The Dark World played particularly well in China. Chris Hemsworth is named 'Brother Hammer' and Tom Hiddleston is called 'Dou Sen' as a teasing for his last name. In Shanghai a viral marketing poster, which picturing the God of Thunder holding Loki in his arms, drew a tremendous amount of media attention earlier this month. As of last Sunday, the 3D tentpole hammered $327.1 million globally. It will soon surpass the first Thor's $449.1 million total.

It's worth noting that the admissions number of Escape Plan is even bigger than Thor 2, but the actioner's aggregate gross is $0.17 million less than the latter one. 3D and Imax releasing contributed a lot to higher average ticket prices for the superhero flick. Hotel Transylvania earned $3.51 million in third place, which is a  40% drop compared to last week's gross. Highly anticipated Stalingrad fell to fouth place with $2.7 million, a drop of  nearly 70% after its dazzling opening, making it nearly impossible for the epic war to move past the 100 million yuan mark.

Judging from the performance of the nine domestic films released on the same day last Friday, the potential "Singles' Day Movie Season" was over before it ever started. The mainland produced rom-com Love You for Loving Me, starring Zhang Hanyu and Wang Luodan, brought in $1.7 million in three days. Love Speaks, another domestic rom-com, earned $1.58 million. While Singles' Day proved to be a box office boon in years past with films like Love Is Not Blind making tens of millions of dollars, this year the unofficial holiday looked something more like a lackluster three-day weekend, devoid of audience appeal and over-hyped by Chinese theater and media.

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