Major Cities Box Office Sales in 2010

2012/1/4 14:00:00(Beijing Time)    by: EntGroup Consulting

Beijing’s cinemas saw rapid growth in 2010, maintaining the city’s top position in terms of box office sales. Of the top 100 grossing cinemas, 14 are located in Beijing and the top 20 cinemas had average box office sales of 39.5 million RMB. However, there is also a wide range of differences in revenue with a gap of 83 million RMB between the top selling cinema and the worst selling. This shows that there is a wide gap in the development of the Beijing market. However, from a strictly numbers perspective, while Beijing has nearly 90 cinemas and the number of screens per person is on par with developed nations, there is still room for improvement.

Shanghai’s cinemas also grew rapidly in 2010 and out of the top 100 cinemas nationwide, 9 were in Shanghai and average box office revenue for the top 20 cinemas in Shanghai was 29.35 million RMB, slightly behind Beijing. This gap shows is due to the fact that there are a limited number of mid-range cinemas in Shanghai. In terms of high-range cinema options, Shanghai is just as impressive as Beijing, but the box office revenue for mid-range cinemas is quite low, centering around 30 million RMB, while box office revenue for a cinema in a similar area of Beijing would be around 40 million RMB.

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Movie Gross Admissions
Jade Dynasty Ⅰ
The Last Wish US$10.32(M) 2198201
Little Q US$8.02(M) 1657553
The Legend Of Hei US$7.57(M) 1580094
Detective Conan: T... US$7.54(M) 1704664
Mao Zedong 1949 US$6.69(M) 1285062
Ne Zha US$4.79(M) 970242
Fast & Furious Pre... US$3.38(M) 626540
Friend Zone US$3.23(M) 736481
Crawl US$2.77(M) 619694