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2011/12/31 13:53:00(Beijing Time)    by: EntGroup Consulting

According the EntGroup's China Film Industry Report 2011,total box office from 2010-2011 New Year Release Schedule (from December 1, 2010 to February 28, 2011) accumulate to RMB 3.329 billion, an increase of 12% year on year. The number of moviegoers reached 93,800,000, a growth of 19.9% year on year. Comparing to the growth rate of 102% for 2010 New Year Release Schedule, this is a significant decrease. Regardless of the influence from Avatar, the average growth rate in these three years is 50%, which indicates that the New Year Release Schedule has developed steadily and fast. As the most important and developed release schedule in the entire market, the New Year Release Schedule has established its position and will continue to lead the market trend.

According to the statistics by EntGroup Co., Ltd, 2010-2011 New Year Release Schedule has fluctuated greatly in terms of weekly box office. The release schedule of three months is separated by three peak periods. In addition, the box office records of a single week have been renewed frequently to reach new high.

The box office of domestic films for 2010 New Year Release Schedule is obviously higher than these of the imported movies. Among these movies, box office gross both of Let the Bullets Fly and If You Are the One have far exceeded RMB 0.4 billion, which contributed to the big breakthrough of RMB 10 billion for box office of China in the entire year.
EntGroup believes that 2010 New Year Release Schedule began to indicate the trend of a series of sophistication. In this regard, it is the necessary result of gradual expansion of production in the entire market and the destined trend of market orientation as well.

The statistics by EntGroup indicates a new trend of movies from 2011 New Year Release Schedule. Under the evenly matched condition of the previous domestic films and imported movies, as for the box office of domestic films in 2011 New Year Release Schedule, a breakthrough of 66.5% of the box office share has been made. Driven by Let the Bullets Fly and If You Are the One, all the movies of New Year Release Schedule have forcibly returned, outperforming in the Chinese movies.

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Movie Gross Admissions
Jade Dynasty Ⅰ
Detective Conan: T... US$22.99(M) 5102807
The Last Wish US$21.40(M) 4609708
The Legend Of Hei US$20.62(M) 4352521
Ne Zha US$12.29(M) 2540537
Fast & Furious Pre... US$10.50(M) 2029919
Crawl US$6.70(M) 1488746
The Bravest US$1.83(M) 416852
Free Solo US$1.53(M) 303962
Lucky star US$0.57(M) 129564