Top 100-grossing Cinemas in China in 2010

2011/12/22 16:18:00(Beijing Time)    by: EntGroup Consulting

In recent years, as the numbers of cinemas and screens increasing, box office tickets sale for individual theaters have also increased dramatically and the number of those theaters with high box office has been especially noticeable. The leader in Chinese box office tickets sale has been the Guangzhou Feiyang Cinema, increasing its ticket revenue from 56.21 million RMB in 2007 to 67.45 million RMB in 2008 and eventually reaching 82.20 million RMB in 2009.

In addition, the total number of cinemas with box office tickets sale of over 20 million RMB in 2010 was 87, and while these only made comprised 5.2% of nationwide cinemas, total tickets sale revenue reached 2.76 billion RMB, or 44.5% of nationwide sales, showing that the revenues from ticket sales has risen to a higher level overall. ma rankings in China changed considerably in 2010. Guangzhou’s Feiyang Cinema fell to number six because its two branches were counted separately and it just so happens that list was topped by the previous year’s number six, Beijing’s UME Cineplex, whose box office sales for the year pushed nearly 100 million RMB. Meanwhile, the level of the top ten cinemas rose from 50 million RMB to 60 million, a range newly entered by Shanghai’s Peace Cinema and Fuzhou’s Jinyi Cinema.
The total box office of these top 100 cinemas was 3.98 billion RMB, or 39.4% of all box office sales nationwide, indicating that the cinema market is relatively concentrated.

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