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2011/12/20 11:32:00(Beijing Time)    by: EntGroup Consulting

Shanghai Film Group

Being one of the largest and competitive film makers in China, Shanghai Film Group boasts five large film production enterprises, fourteen movie and TV series production companies and large photographing bases. Early in 2007, Shanghai Film Group began to reform its internal industry clusters. In 2009, Shanghai Film Group began to establish the multi-varied property and share system in its subsidiaries and branches. In addition, it plans to establish the multi-varied property and share system based on the parent company in two years from 2011 to 2012.

At present, Shanghai Film Group has two sets of proposals for assets listing: 1) List all the business-oriented assets (including film production) on a global basis; 2) List the market resources such as the cinema investment & management companies, Lianhe Online Film, Oriental Movie and TV Series issuing businesses, AD Operating Rights of the Oriental Movie Channel, etc. 

Shanghai Film Group is investing in establishing cinemas. On November 8, 2010, Shanghai Film Group indicated its intention of acquiring some cinemas in the eastern part of the USA, which is to expand its oversea channels for issuance. In Mainland, China, Shanghai Film Group plans to establish about 30 commercial cinemas in some metropolitans in the next three years and 40-50 cinemas in the second tier cities (towns) within three to five years. Such cinema terminals shall be the core competitiveness of Shanghai Film Group.

Orange Sky Golden Harvest Ltd.

In 2010, the annual revenue of Orange Sky Golden Harvest was HK $1.08 billion, and its gross profit reached HK $ 628 million, respectively 268% and 49% quarter on quarter when compared to that in 2009. The net profit is HK $ 71 million, and the net profit margin is 6.6%. Operation of film towns is still an absolute pillar of their income.

Acquire Legend Shares, Expect More Cooperation

Orange Sky Golden Harvest acquired 3.33% of American legend's share in the price of $ 25 million. The two sides signed the Memorandum of Understanding, trying to find the cooperation in cinema screening, distribution, game fields in Mainland. It means that Orange Sky Golden Harvest is to extend its businesses outside the film industry and operate a variety of product forms of in the cross-industry.


Stellar Film Group

In 2010, Stellar Film Group distributed three films, compared with 2009 decreased in number. From the perspective of total box office and average box office it made a record, were 0.223 billion yuan and 74,627,000 yuan respectively. Among them, though Sacrifice which was put in the New Year holiday period hit the drama film "Just Call Me Nobody", still made nearly 200 million box office revenue.

Cinema construction as the most important businesses

The most important start-up business of Stellar Film Group is by the cinema lines and cinemas. In the future development, cinema lines and cinema business are still considered the most important start-up businesses. In 2010, probably added 100 screens, Stellar has acquired two sets of new IMAX equipment, and planed to purchase IMAX equipment. In 2011, Stellar plans to increase about 150-200 screens. EntGroup Co., Ltd thinks that the large-scale expansion of cinema businesses in Stellar Film Group is indicative of the increasing competition between cinemas. Stellar is making efforts to secure its market position in the show link.

Galloping Horse
Participation in the establishment of cinema to, accelerate the layout of industry chains
Galloping Horse has its first cinema with the opening of Cixi Cinema of Zhejiang Province. The business of Galloping Horse has penetrated into different fields in movie production and distribution which also marks the formation of industry chain layout. For Galloping Horse, it plans to build 360 pieces of screens in three years of the first stage. Galloping Horse will open 6 cinemas in 2011.

Galloping Horse has entered into the strategic partnership with Vanguard and plans to re-construct approximately 200 pieces of screens in the following six years.

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