Mainland China Box Office Performance in Week 40

2011/10/9 13:51:00(Beijing Time)    by: EntGroup Consulting
According to China Box-office statistics by enbase, the mainland Box-office gross in Week 40 (Sep 26- Oct 02, 2011) reached $33.73 million, showing a 65% box-office growth from last month and a 8% decline compared to the same time last year. Moviegoers in this week counted as 6.7 million in total, slumped about 75% compared to last month. Overall business rise again during the National Day holidays with quite a few fresh films released. “The Sorcerer and the White Snake” finished on top in its first week run nabbing a total 11.55 million, followed by “Mural” with $8.77 million.“China 1911”gained $2.63 million in its second week and seized Top 3. Domestic films got a good record this week taking 72% share of the whole Box-office market.
It has 11 new-released films involved in the National Day holidays Film Market battle tried to get a satisfying score. “The Sorcerer and the White Snake” met the “Mural” on the narrow path which are both fairytale romances. These two had fierce fighting in the market and “The Sorcerer and the White Snake” gained number one with $11.55 million box office.The champion is an uncomplicated mixture of stunts and local elements aimed directly at an Asian audience, with no special depth to the characters or their emotions. Combining Mainland and Hong Kong names and 21st- century’s high tech, it's a professional, entertaining package but not a touching movie. Another action-fantasy, Gordon Chen’s “Mural” starring Deng Chao and Sun Li was the second over the National Day holidays at the box office with $8.77 million. Utilizing the high-tech, Gordon Chen established the Chinese genre of a fairytale love story meanwhile several individual performances are hit in mainland such as Yan ni and Deng Chao who are the guarantees of the movie. “China 1911” celebrating the anniversary of the Xinhai Revolution, gained $2.63 million at the box office over the National Day holidays. It can be expected that “Sanctum” will soon cross a milestone with more than 100 million in Mainland China ticket sales.
It was another animation-week straight after the summer holiday season. “The Dragon Knight” copied successfully from “SEER” which cumed good result benefiting from the effect of the same web-based game to attract the younger, and  made the top 5, taking$1.97 million on in its first three days on release. “May Day 3DNA”has grossed $ 3.15 million since it’s released. Thriller movie “Purple House” added up to $1.57 million by last week. Adapted from the same animation, “Lee” just got $0.26 million due to its weak promote.
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