Mainland China Box Office Performance in Week 50

2011/12/14 15:45:00(Beijing Time)    by: EntGroup Consulting

According to China film box office statistics by enbase, mainland box office gross in Week 50 (Dec 5-11, 2011) reached $29.32 million, showing 26% box office drop from last month, also 20% decline compared to the same time last year. Moviegoers in this week counted as 4.73 million in total, 26% slump compared to last month. Ticket sales in mainland China came in weak, even six fresh films released in this week with the intent on joining the New Year holiday movie season’s intense competition. Historical Chinese film "White Vengeance" repeatedly topped the domestic movie box office this week but mainland market had little to celebrate as movie ticket sales slumped to a depressing level comparing to that of the week before, especially considering this week is the pre-opening time slot of New Year holiday movie season. "White Vengeance" led the charts with $8.39 million at mainland theaters this week, accumulating to a debut of $21.56 million in its second week run. It also led domestic films taking 52% in the film market share. New South Korean 3 dimension thriller "Sector 7" debuted in the second place with an estimated $2.52 million domestically in its first week run, taking over the champion of imported films from that of last week—“Priest”. The "Priest", American thriller, remained the third place with $2.12 million. “Magic to Win” continued its sluggish performance in last week, the total gross failed to reach RMB 20 million ($2.76 million). New flat-fee imported film “Three Idiots” gained $1.2 million within four days. Local hit “Love is Not Blind” has made pots of money with a amazing $55.64 million of total box office income.



Beginning this week with the release of "Sector 7", "Magic to Win" and four other films, there were unprecedented number of films (overall 24 films) crowding into the domestic box office at the same time. Moviegoers had a lot to choose from, in fact, they might even have too many choices, no film the big winner in this week. Audiences are willing to wait for the release of two high-budget films “Flying Swords of Dragon Gate” and “The Flowers of War”, which are up coming on the same day next week.


According to the data issued by enbase, “White Vengeance” still ruled the screening rate of mainland market, enjoying 25% of that even slumped 16% from that of last week. New released “Sector 7”took 10% in the market as the second place in terms of cinema screening schedule timeslots. “Priest” and “Magic to Win” hold third and fourth place of screening rate respectively this week.

In the coming Week 51 (12-18, Dec 2011), films as below are set to be released in mainland China.


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