Chinese television is about to enter the third dimension with the country's first 3D TV channel set to hit the airwaves on January 1st, 2012.
  • 12/07/2011
The Whistler Film Festival Society and Telefilm are working with China Film Group to create a program that will foster on-going opportunities for Canadian content creators and media producers to work with Chinese production companies.
  • 12/06/2011
The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television released rules on Nov 25 banning broadcasters from running ads during movies and drama episodes that run for 45 minutes or more.
  • 12/06/2011
The Chinese mainland will continue to encourage its film and television companies to introduce more TV series from Taiwan and have joint productions, a spokeswoman for Taiwan affairs said on Wednesday
  • 12/06/2011
In order to balance the benefit distribution between production companies, distributors and exhibitors, referring to international conventions, cinemas can get no more than 50% of the box-office revenue in the first run in the future.
  • 12/06/2011
Dan Gilroy, screenwriter of the recent Real Steel and the now in-production Bourne Legacy, is to script a Chinese super-hero movie 'The Annihilator'.
  • 12/06/2011
Chinese TV drama production has reached about 14,000 episodes annually, making an overall 1.1 trillion yuan domestically. Export sales abroad have also risen, but the favored genres are still limited.
  • 12/05/2011
The annual New Year season is already upon us.With bigger-than-ever ambitions, it’s estimated that filmmakers will rake in a record 13 billion yuan of gross domestic box office revenue this year.
  • 12/05/2011
China's top broadcasting watchdog has banned the TV shopping programs of 19 companies from screens after they were found to have less registered capital than the minimum amount required for such programs
  • 12/05/2011
Hollywood playwriter Robert Mckee (C) attends a press conference in Beijing, capital of China, Dec. 4, 2011.
  • 12/05/2011
Movie Gross Admissions
Sheep Without A Sh...
Spycies US$0.01(M) 1214
Wei Ying Ye US$0.00(M) 189
Liberation US$0.00(M) 242
Herons US$0.00(M) 118
My People, My Coun... US$0.00(M) 168
Blue Pleated Skirt US$0.00(M) 106
IP Man 4:The Finale US$0.00(M) 44
Wolf Warriors 2 US$0.00(M) 20
Voice of the Nation US$0.00(M) 8