Following the release of a list of films that have been revamped in 3D discussions on whether 3D technology truly brings new life to pre-released films have set the movie world abuzz.
  • 01/29/2012
Government restrictions are driving young Chinese to turn off their TV sets and turn on their computers. Advertisers and Western studios are right there with them.
  • 01/19/2012
According to the SARFT, many wage earners cannot watch movies in cinemas because prices of tickets are inflated. Inflated ticket prices, together with poor quality films, have deterred even some regular moviegoers from the cinema.
  • 01/19/2012
  • 01/19/2012
The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate leads the Sixth Asian Film Awards nominations with seven nods, closely followed by Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale, and The Flowers of War with six nominations each.
  • 01/19/2012
With the theme of "New Media, New Life and New Future", the China International (Kingbonn) New Media Shorts Award is the only international new media shorts award in China.
  • 01/19/2012
The drama film "Life Without Principle", directed by Johnny To, will hit mainland cinemas on February 3. Johnny To's romance flick, "Romancing in Thin Air" is also due for release in February, a week later than "Life without Principle".
  • 01/17/2012
This year, Zhang Yimou’s The Flowers of War was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film of Golden Flobe Awards, but the coveted prize go to A Separation.
  • 01/17/2012
Movie Gross Admissions
Guardians of the G... US$13.76(M) 2511585
Life US$12.92(M) 2865332
King Arthur: Legen... US$2.55(M) 492203
Guardians US$2.24(M) 493552
Wine War US$1.87(M) 455011
The Fate of the Fu... US$1.71(M) 342171
Dealer Healer US$1.57(M) 342630
A Monster Calls US$1.53(M) 357417
Special Encounter US$1.07(M) 239167