Government-backed news outlets are projecting an expansion to China's film quota and a greater share of box-office revenue for Hollywood studios, after trade terms are renegotiated later this month.
  • 02/10/2017
This year's Hong Kong Film Award has announced its nominees, and love story "Soul Mate" has become a runaway favorite, topping the list with 12 nominations.
  • 02/10/2017
Su was in Beijing recently to talk about his second directorial feature, 'The Devotion of Suspect X', a Chinese adaptation of Japanese author Keigo Higashino's classic novel with the same title.
  • 02/10/2017
There was an understanding that in 2017 the two nations would return to the table to increase the compensation to U.S. moviemakers and for China to open its market further.
  • 02/10/2017
Film 'A Chinese Odyssey', a Stephen Chow classics, will be rereleased in a longer version on the mainland in spring.
  • 02/10/2017
After raking in nearly 1.2 billion yuan ($175 million) at the Chinese box office so far, China-US co-production The Great Wall is set for a US release next Friday, February 17, 2017.
  • 02/09/2017
Legendary Entertainment’s “Kong: Skull Island” has secured a theatrical release slot in mainland China. Also newly confirmed is James Mangold’s “Logan.”
  • 02/09/2017
Chinese investor Tang Media Partners has acquired Los Angeles-based content developer Chaotic Good Studios for an undisclosed price.
  • 02/09/2017
Alphabet Inc's YouTube said it was rolling out live streaming from mobile devices for users with more than 10,000 subscribers, adding a feature that will help them make money, as it takes on Facebook Live.
  • 02/08/2017
'Kung Fu Yoga' steals the crown; 'Journey To The West' hits $200m; record Chinese New Year gross at $490m.
  • 02/08/2017
Movie Gross Admissions
Resident Evil: The...
xXx: The Return of... US$18.35(M) 3620849
Assassin's Creed US$16.60(M) 3246052
Sing US$11.65(M) 2376926
La La Land US$5.89(M) 1210777
Kung Fu Yoga US$4.84(M) 917370
Duckweed US$4.62(M) 1039759
The Game Changer US$3.19(M) 649139
Boonie Bears:Entan... US$1.12(M) 247493
Journey to the Wes... US$1.07(M) 202388