Script and creative design competition awards high honors in Beijing

2017/5/8 18:06:00 (Beijing Time)   Source:China Daily    By:

The 4th Xinghao Youth Script and Creative Designing Competition and Award Ceremony was held at the Beiguo Theater of Beijing Normal University on May 4 as a part of the 24th Beijing College Student Film Festival.

"A successful film may involve many factors such as a good director, popular performers or brilliant visual effects, but a failed one must have a close relationship with the quality of a certain script," Wang Hailin, renowned Chinese playwright, said at the competition.

"College students represent the most vigorous and passionate group in the entire society. When you devote yourselves to writing scripts, you may be faced with many temptations like money, power, glory or status, but you should not forget your original will, and stick to your dream," he added.

Since its call for scripts one month ago, a total of 540 creative scripts from various fields were sent by students from many top universities, including Beijing Film Academy, The Central Academy of Drama, Shanghai Theatre Academy, Communication University of China, Peking University, Fudan University.

Eighteen candidates’ scripts were selected for the final competition. There were three second prize winners, five third prize winners and 10 consolation prizes awarded.

Movie Gross Admissions
A Little Red Flower
Shock Wave 2 US$15.68(M) 2429249
Warm Hug US$11.82(M) 1937216
The Soul US$8.27(M) 1379276
Soul US$7.48(M) 1189412
Wish Dragon US$6.02(M) 1007929
A Hustle Bustle Ne... US$2.34(M) 369723
The Rescue US$1.47(M) 233648
Octonauts: The Rin... US$1.25(M) 229596
NEZHA US$0.59(M) 114588