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Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star


Genres:Comedy Countries:USA
Release date:2011-9-9 USA more>>
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Date(Weeks) Rank Ranking last week Weekend Gross Cumulative Gross weeks Screens Per Screen Average
11-09-09 至 11-09-11 (1) 15 new $142 $142 1 1500 N/A
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Dust To Dust
Expend4bles US$11.25(M) 2308968
No More Bets US$7.39(M) 1275958
Oppenheimer US$7.15(M) 1145845
Fengshen Trilogy US$3.85(M) 632349
Dancing Green US$3.31(M) 562852
A Haunting in Venice US$2.50(M) 462165
Papa US$2.01(M) 350204
All Ears US$1.24(M) 190924
The Woman in the S... US$0.61(M) 107793