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Genres:Drama Countries:Moldova
Release date:2002-2-15 Germany more>>
Countries Release date Describe
Germany 2002-2-15 (Berlin International Film Festival)
CzechRepublic 2002-7-6 (Karlovy Vary Film Festival)
Canada 2002-8-28 (Montréal Film Festival)
Egypt 2002-10 (Cairo International Film Festival)
USA 2003-4-14 (Philadelphia International Film Festival)
Hungary 2005-7-31 (TV premiere)
Movie Gross Admissions
The Last Frenzy
Twilight of the Wa... US$17.96(M) 3072693
Kingdom of the Pla... US$11.68(M) 2007017
Formed Police Unit US$8.98(M) 1520601
SPY×FAMILY CODE: W... US$4.43(M) 805421
Howl's Moving Castle US$3.04(M) 540900
I love you to the ... US$0.82(M) 146816
Godzilla × Kong: T... US$0.47(M) 78400
I want to be a tea... US$0.41(M) 71581
Interstellar Mission US$0.32(M) 67908