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Genres:Drama Countries:Philippines
Release date:1998-2-16 Germany more>>
Countries Release date Describe
Germany 1998-2-16 (Berlin International Film Festival)
Singapore 1998-4-26 (Singapore International Film Festival)
Philippines 1998-6-24
Canada 1998-8-31 (Montréal Film Festival)
Canada 1998-9-13 (Toronto Film Festival)
Greece 1998-11-15 (Thessaloniki International Film Festival)
USA 1999 (Cinequest Film Festival)
Argentina 1999-4-9 (Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema)
Singapore 1999-8-19
Australia 2000-4-2 (Sydney Asia Pacific Film Festival)
Movie Gross Admissions
Spider-Man: Across...
Fast X US$16.03(M) 2983772
Doraemon the Movie... US$11.00(M) 2447230
Laputa: Castle in ... US$10.83(M) 2332471
GODSPEED US$8.25(M) 1401060
Guardians of the G... US$4.38(M) 799079
Born To Fly US$2.11(M) 362034
The Little Mermaid US$1.08(M) 202697
Awakening Spring US$0.95(M) 162561
Qiaohu And The Fan... US$0.78(M) 158213