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Genres:Music Countries:CzechRepublic
Release date:2001-10-26 CzechRepublic more>>
Cast and Crew:
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Directed by:
Frantisek Dolejs...Head dustman
Ivan M. Havel...Scientist & philosopher
Patrik Hestus...Hair stylist
Jan Jerábek...Graphologist
Vít Klusák...Himself
Václav Sibera...Filip / Himself
Jana Sýkorová...Faidra / Herself
Emil Viklicky...Himself
Writing credits:
Vít Klusák...writer
Produced by:
Cinematography by:
Film Editing by:
Sound Department:
Camera and Electrical Department:
Dalibor Fencl...assistant camera
Movie Gross Admissions
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Despicable Me 4 US$18.04(M) 3122251
Inside Out 2 US$6.69(M) 1160520
A Legend US$5.71(M) 1041445
Moments We Shared US$5.02(M) 876104
Into The Mortal Wo... US$1.87(M) 346630
A Quiet Place: Day... US$1.68(M) 298335
Welcom To My Side US$1.49(M) 240677
Customs Frontline US$1.25(M) 207542