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Genres:Crime Countries:India
Release date:2004-8-6 India more>>
Sidatar Films [N/A] ...(in association with)
Lodi Films [N/A]
Special Effects:
Art Apex [N/A] ...(opticals)
Trishul Recording Studio [N/A] recording
Sushant Food Supplier [N/A] (as Sushant)
Studio Sound and Vision [N/A] ...dubbing (as Studio Sound -N- Vision)
Shor Films [N/A] design
Samta Sahakari Bank Ltd. [N/A] ...banking services (as Samata Sahakari Bank Ltd.)
Mediaware Solutions [N/A] relations
Legend Films [N/A]
Indusind Bank Ltd. [N/A] ...banking services (as Indusind Bank)
Creative Arts [N/A] ...stills
Cinesparx Editing [N/A] ...editing
Asabi Lights [N/A] ...cranes
A.G. Cine Services [N/A] ...sound system (as A.G. Equipments)
A.B. Recording [N/A] recording (as AB Studio)
Movie Gross Admissions
Across The Furious...
So Long for Love US$12.12(M) 2084768
New Dimension! Cra... US$6.60(M) 1515334
Trending Topic US$6.17(M) 1117259
Beyond The Clouds US$2.89(M) 518580
Napoleon US$2.76(M) 472300
Who’s the suspect US$1.95(M) 329678
Wish US$1.78(M) 337560
If We Were Lucky US$1.74(M) 327620
Love Life Light US$1.73(M) 298108