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Genres:Drama Countries:Indonesia / Japan
Release date:2001-11-13 SouthKorea more>>
Countries Release date Describe
SouthKorea 2001-11-13 (Pusan International Film Festival)
Netherlands 2002-1-31 (International Film Festival Rotterdam)
France 2002-3-8 (Festival du Film Asiatique de Deauville)
Belgium 2002-3-16 (Brugge Cinema Novo Film Festival)
Singapore 2002-4-21 (Singapore International Film Festival)
USA 2002-5-18 (Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival)
USA 2002-6-6 (Seattle International Film Festival)
Australia 2002-6-10 (Sydney Film Festival)
CzechRepublic 2002-7-8 (Karlovy Vary Film Festival)
Australia 2002-7-18 (Brisbane Film Festival)
Australia 2002-8-1 (Melbourne International Film Festival)
Philippines 2002-8-3 (Cinemanila Film Festival)
Australia 2002-10-1 (Indonesian Film Festival)
USA 2002-11-3 (Hawaii Film Festival)
Greece 2002-11-10 (Thessaloniki International Film Festival)
Thailand 2003-1-11 (Bangkok International Film Festival)
Philippines 2003-9-4 (Manila Eiga Sai)
Argentina 2004-9-15 (Ciclo de Cine Indonesio)
Switzerland 2006-8-8 (Locarno Film Festival)
Movie Gross Admissions
Full River Red
The Wandering Eart... US$112.88(M) 16070333
Boonie Bears: Guar... US$47.54(M) 7511181
Deep Sea US$30.09(M) 4602408
Hidden Blade US$27.83(M) 3674792
Five Hundred Miles US$6.37(M) 985552
Where the Wind Blows US$4.45(M) 717379
Avatar: The Way of... US$3.49(M) 513085
US$2.18(M) 358403
Ping-pong of China US$0.38(M) 57232