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Genres:Adventure Countries:Russia / Italy / Germany
Release date:2006- Russia more>>
Cast and Crew:
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Directed by:
Valeri Garkalin...Christian - Prince
Ivan Kharatyan...Little Andersen
Sergei Migitsko...Old Andersen, King, Christian X, ''Shadow'' tale hero
Oksana Mysina...Anna-Marie, Andersen''s mother
Stanislav Ryadinsky...Young Andersen
Aleksandr Shirvindt...Owner of the Grave-Making Company
Oleg Tabakov...Meisling
Andrei Tolubeyev...Admiral Peter Volf
Galina Tyunina...Karen, Andersen''s sister
Vladimir Zeldin...Theartre watchman
Writing credits:
Original Music by:
Cinematography by:
Visual Effects by:
Gregory compositor
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