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Release date:1992-9-12 Canada more>>
Countries Release date Describe
Canada 1992-9-12 (Toronto Film Festival)
USA 1993-1 (Sundance Film Festival)
USA 1993-2 (Rochester ImageOut Lesbian and Gay Film and Video Festival)
USA 1993-4-9 (New York City, New York)
USA 1993-10-27 (Baltimore Lesbian and Gay Film Festival)
Brazil 1998-10-31 (Mix Brasil Festival of Sexual Diversity)
USA 2000-6-19 (San Francisco International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival)
Ireland 2004-7-30 (Dublin Lesbian and Gay Film Festival)
Movie Gross Admissions
Home Coming
Ordinary Hero US$8.73(M) 1507552
Give Me Five US$8.12(M) 1346727
Steel Will US$3.91(M) 596338
New Happy Dad and ... US$3.62(M) 683066
New Gods: Yang Jian US$3.24(M) 525442
Moonman US$2.81(M) 465710
Table for Six US$1.65(M) 345422
Cinderella and the... US$1.46(M) 292348
The Tyrannosaurus ... US$1.42(M) 292201