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Genres:Drama / Romance Countries:USA / Italy / HongKong / China / France / Luxembourg / UK
Release date:2004-9-10 Italy more>>


Warner Independent Pictures [USA] ...(2005) (USA) (theatrical)
Transeuropa Video Entertainment (TVE) [Argentina] ...(2006) (Argentina) (DVD)
Total Film Home Entertainment [N/A] ...(2006) (Netherlands) (DVD)
Toshiba Entertainment [Japan] ...(2005) (Japan) (theatrical)
Fandango [Italy] ...(2004) (Italy) (all media)
Cecchi Gori Home Video [Italy] ...(2005) (Italy) (DVD)
Cathay-Keris Films [N/A] ...(2005) (Singapore) (theatrical)
Artificial Eye [UK] ...(2007) (UK) (DVD)
Alfa Films [Argentina] ...(2006) (Argentina) (all media)
1More Film [N/A] ...(2005) (Netherlands) (theatrical)
Delux Productions [Luxembourg]
Fandango [Italy]
Solaris [USA]
Roissy Films [France]
Special Effects:
Trasporti Cinematografici Tranquilli (TCT) [N/A] ...transports (segment "The Dangerous Thread of Things")
Studio Ponti-De Sanctis [N/A] consulting (segment "The Dangerous Thread of Things")
Salon Films [N/A] and lighting equipment (segment: The Hand")
Ramindra Sound Recording Studios [N/A] sound re-recording at (segment "The Hand") (as Ramindra Recording Studios)
Panavision [USA] ...cameras and lenses (segment" Equilibrium")
La Palma - Capalbio [N/A] ...hotel (segment "The Dangerous Thread of Things")
Kantana Animation Co. Ltd. [N/A] processing (segment "The Hand")
FotoKem Digital Film Services [N/A] ...laboratory (segment "Equilibrium") (as FotoKem)
Fono Roma [Italy] ...sound re-recording facility (segment "The Dangerous Thread of Things")
Eye Studio [N/A] ...linking sequences
Cinesicurtà [N/A] (segment "The Dangerous Thread of Things")
Cineservice F.LLI Cartocci [N/A] and equipment rental (segment "The Dangerous Thread of Things")
Cinema e Dintorni [N/A] ...dubbing: English (segment "The Dangerous Thread of Things")
Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment [USA] dollies (segment "Equilibrium")
ARRI Sound [N/A] ...sound pre-mix (segment "The Hand")
3H Sound Studio Ltd. [N/A] ...sound pre-mix (segment "The Hand") (as 3H Studio)
Technicolor Digital Intermediates [USA] intermediate (segment "Equilibrium")
Swelltone Labs [USA] ...sound mixing (segment "Equilibrium")
Orbit Digital [USA] ...Avids
Mikros Image [N/A] intermediate (segment "The Hand") (as Mikros Image/Parigi)
Masterwords [N/A] ...cutting continuity (segment "Equilibrium")
Custom Film Effects [USA] ...end titles
Cinesite [USA] ...opticals (segment "Equilibrium")
20th Century Fox Studios [USA] ...sound post-production (segment "Equilibrium") (as Twentieth Century Fox)
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