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Genres:War Countries:China / Japan / SouthKorea / HongKong
Release date:2006-11-23 China more>>
Shaw Organisation [Singapore] ...(2006) (Singapore) (theatrical)
Group Power [Taiwan] ...(2006) (Taiwan) (all media)
EDKO Film Co.,Ltd [HongKong] ...(2006) (Hong Kong) (theatrical)
Deltamac Entertainment [HongKong] ...(2007) (Hong Kong) (DVD)
Comstock [Japan] ...(2006) (Japan) (all media)
Amuse Soft Entertainment [Japan] ...(2007) (Japan) (DVD)
World Top [N/A]
Comstock [Japan]
Special Effects:
Toei Labo Tech [N/A] intermediate (as Toei Labo Tech Digital Effect Group)
Soundfirm [Australia] ...sound post-production
Soundfirm Beijing Co. Ltd. [N/A] ...sound post-production
Shogakukan [Japan] ...comic strip copyright owner
Scarecrow Studios [N/A] ...Avid editing facilities
Kodak [N/A] stock supplied by
Kodak Japan [Japan] stock supplied by
Kodak (Hong Kong) Ltd. [N/A] stock supplied by
Fine Art Film Production Company [N/A] ...subtitles (uncredited)
Cinerent [N/A] and lighting equipment provided by
Cine Art Laboratory [N/A] processing and developing
Movie Gross Admissions
A Place Called Sil...
Moments We Shared US$13.59(M) 2353943
Inside Out 2 US$12.24(M) 2106190
Customs Frontline US$6.34(M) 1011625
A Quiet Place: Day... US$6.05(M) 1063847
Welcom To My Side US$4.80(M) 785418
A Legend US$4.29(M) 763597
Life hotel US$1.68(M) 285434
The Umbrella Fairy US$1.66(M) 286481
The Garfield Movie US$0.96(M) 184483