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Genres:Cops Robbers / Action Countries:HongKong / China / Singapore
Release date:2003-9-5 China more>>
Tartan [UK] ...(2004) (UK) (theatrical)
Tartan Video [N/A] ...(2005) (UK) (DVD)
Pan Vision Oy [N/A] ...(2006) (Finland) (DVD)
Xin Jia Po Xinmedia Xing Lin Dian Yingcompany [Singapore] ...(2003) (Singapore) (all media)
Media Cooperation One (MC-One) [N/A] ...(2004) (Germany) (DVD)
MTV Netherlands [N/A] ...(2006) (Netherlands) (TV) (first national airing)
Dragon Dynasty [USA] ...(2007) (USA) (DVD) (special collector''s edition)
Comstock [Japan] ...(Japan) (theatrical)
Cinema Mondo [Finland] ...(2004) (Finland) (theatrical)
Bright Angel Distribution [N/A] ...(2004) (Netherlands) (theatrical)
A-Film Home Entertainment [N/A] ...(2006) (Netherlands) (DVD)
East Dragon Pictures Co.,Ltd [China] ...(in association with)
Xin Jia Po Xinmedia Xing Lin Dian Yingcompany [Singapore] ...(in association with)
Special Effects:
Kodak (Hong Kong) Ltd. [N/A] stock supplied by
Oriental Post Co. Ltd. [N/A] intermediate
Kantana Animation Co. Ltd. [N/A] intermediate
Digital Dream Works [N/A] ...avid editing
Sound Production Co. [N/A] ...sound equipment
V.S. Service [N/A] and lighting equipment
Salon Films (Hong Kong) Limited [HongKong] and lighting equipment
i Zone Sound Design [N/A] ...foley artist
O.K. Post Production Co. [N/A] ...dubbing
Media Business Service Limited [N/A] ...sound studio
Hype Films Co. Ltd. [Russia] ...production house: Thailand
Movie Gross Admissions
The Last Frenzy
Twilight of the Wa... US$11.27(M) 1923116
Kingdom of the Pla... US$9.36(M) 1599101
Hovering Blade US$5.89(M) 998424
Formed Police Unit US$3.48(M) 592847
18×2 Beyond Youthf... US$2.31(M) 426288
SPY×FAMILY CODE: W... US$2.01(M) 368385
Strangers When We ... US$1.71(M) 285916
Howl's Moving Castle US$1.58(M) 280905
Interstellar Mission US$1.10(M) 196860