"White Vengeance" Tops Mainland's Box Office

2011/12/8 13:53:00 (Beijing Time)   Source:Chinese Films    By:Chen Nan

In its second second week on the screens, director Daniel Lee's historical blockbuster, "White Vengeance," has topped the Chinese Mainland's box office charts, mtime.com reports.

A party was held by the film's production company Starlight International Media yesterday to celebrate its box-office revenue success – a gross of over 100m RMB since it hit national cinemas, November 29th.

Taking 29% of cinema screening schedule timeslots, the "White Vengeance" is being shown on over 11 thousand screens in China. The film's high earnings have put a lot of pressure onto this film's competition for the upcoming New Year holiday.

"White Vengeance" is now going up against Maggie Q's thriller "Priest," Cha Tae-hyun's comedy "Hello Ghost," Ma Liwen's "A Big Deal" and action flick "Cold Steel."

The film recalls the banquet of Hongmen, a well-known event in 206 B.C. where warring general Xiang Yu planned to assassinate his rival Liu Bang.

Zhang Hanyu plays Liu Bang's strategist Zhang Liang, and Anthony Wong portrays strategist Fan Zeng who assists Xiang Yu. These two Qin Dynasty intellects launch into a battle of the wits during the banquet.

Jordan Chan performs as the valiant general Fan Kuai who saves Liu Bang at the banquet. And young actor Andy On plays Han Xin who uses the "ambush from all sides" strategy to force Xiang Yu to commit suicide in the Wujiang River.

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