'Power Rangers’ Secures May Theatrical Release in China

2017/4/6 14:08:00 (Beijing Time)   Source:Variety    By:Patrick Frater

Lionsgate’s “Power Rangers” has been approved for theatrical release in China, with a scheduled opening of May 12.

Release of the Dean Israelite-directed film will be handled by state-owned enterprises China Film Group and Huaxia Distribution, supported by TIK Films.

The date closely follows that of “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,” which is set for release in China on May 5, effectively a day and date outing with North America. “Power Rangers” will release the same day as Warner Bros.’ “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword,” which is also synchronizing its China and U.S. debuts.

Part of the Hunan TV Group, TIK is a long-term partner of Lionsgate under a co-financing and co-production agreement struck between Lionsgate and Hunan in 2015.

There has been some media speculation that “Power Rangers,” which contains a character who questions her sexuality, could pose more of a problem for Chinese censors than the recent “Beauty and the Beast,” which contained a passing “gay moment.” However, “Power Rangers” has not been cut in China.

Working strongly in the film’s favor in China is the prominent inclusion of Chinese-born actor Ludi Lin as the Black Ranger character.

The May slot makes China the second last major territory to release. The film released in multiple territories, including North America, on Mar. 24. Its gross to date is $65.7 million in North America and $33 million in the rest of the world. An outing in Japan is scheduled for July 15.

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