China's Top Comedian's New Film Due for Release on Valentine's Day

2017/2/13 17:24:00 (Beijing Time)   Source:China Daily    By:

Yue Yunpeng, one of China's top comedians, has been talking ahead of the release of his latest movie, due to hit theatres on Valentine's Day on Tuesday.

The romantic comedy Revenge for Love, sees the cross-talk performer playing a male nurse.

Yue spoke about the experience of filming the movie.

"It's my first-ever experience of acting a male lead. My role is designed to tell viewers that sincerity is the power behind success in winning the heart of the woman of your dreams."

The movie, directed by Hong Kong film director Siu Hung Cheung, revolves around the competition for the love of an artist, between a plain looking male nurse and the artist's ex-boyfriend.

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