Matt Damon and Andy Lau in Beijing to promote 'The Great Wall' by Zhang Yimou

2016/12/9 9:57:00 (Beijing Time)   Source:CRI    By:

Acclaimed Chinese filmmaker Zhang Yimou led his all-star cast in Beijing on Tuesday for a last wave of promotions, more than a week ahead of the release of China's most expensive movie production, The Great Wall.

Hong Kong star Andy Lau was among them.

"I portray a military strategist. Fundamentally, he's a scientist. He dedicated his whole life studying ways to deal with their enemies. Along with other people, my character works in a place which is discovered with many spy-tech gadgets. The character is the only person who believes in the evolution of the Taotie, a mysterious monster in ancient Chinese mythology," explained Lau.

The participation of Matt Damon at Tuesday afternoon's promotional activity also caused quite a stir.

Earlier, Zhang explained there are five major heroes in the story and Matt Damon's character is one of them.

Other Chinese stars on hand for the promotion included Zhang Hanyu, Zheng Kai, Chen Xuedong and Eddie Peng.

The movie is not about the construction of the famous Chinese structure itself but centers around the mythology of a monster. The director earlier said it is a film deeply rooted in the Chinese culture and it has been made for a world audience.

The epic China-US co-production is scheduled to hit Chinese theatres on December 16.


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