Huace Film Plans to Invest Up to $150 Mln in a Martial Arts Film Park

2011/10/14 14:17:00 (Beijing Time)   Source:China Screen News    By:

Citing a company filing, reported that Zhejiang Huace Film and TV plans to invest 100 million yuan on the building of the China Martial Arts (Film) Culture Industrial Park in Haining city, Zhejiang province.

A specific company will be created for the program with a total investment of “not less than one billion yuan” (156 million US$). 

According to Capital Vue, “the film and TV group expects the investment will help to complete its industrial chain and expand its business scale”.

Movie Gross Admissions
Hometown US$21.35(M) 4036290
The Story of Xi Bao US$6.52(M) 1178307
Coffee or Tea? US$5.69(M) 1077259
Leap US$5.03(M) 961438
JIANG ZIYA:Legend ... US$4.72(M) 891196
Vanguard US$1.98(M) 381221
The Eight Hundred US$0.69(M) 127793
Over the Moon US$0.57(M) 116417
Like the Dyer’s Hand US$0.37(M) 67995