'Flowers of War' Competes for 13 Awards at Oscars

2011/12/23 15:48:00 (Beijing Time)   Source:Chinesefilms    By:Chen Nan

Zhang Yimou's war epic "The Flowers of War" is now competing for 13 awards at the 84th Academy Awards for the movie, chinesefilms.cn reports.

The movie premiered yesterday in New York followed by a general release at other regions of North American on December 23rd.

Film producer Zhang Weiping said in an interview that "The Flowers of War" is the first home-grown film that will be released during a Christmas holiday slot in the US. "To release the movie before New Year's Eve, 'The Flowers of War' can join the competition for the Oscars," he told the media. "I'm not afraid of a business loss for the movie. But I hope our team can get its chance. I believe each member of the production team deserves a chance to compete for an Oscar."

The thirteen awards are detailed below:

Best Picture: Produced by Zhang Weiping

Best Director: Zhang Yimou

Best Adapted Screenplay: Liu Heng, Yan Geling

Best Actor: Christian Bale

Best Actress: Ni Ni

Best Cinematographer: Zhao Xiaoding

Best Art Direction: Yohei Taneda

Best Film Editing: Meng Peicong

Best Sound Mixing: Tao Jing

Best Sound Editing: Tao Jing

Best Costume Design: William Chang Suk Ping

Best Make-up Design: William Chang Suk Ping

Best Original Score: Qigang Chen

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