Tsui Hark's 'Dragon Gate' Visits Macao

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The highly anticipated 3D Kungfu block-buster 'Flying Swords of the Dragon Gate' has opened in the Chinese mainland. And cast member have visited Macao for the opening there. The movie is a sequel to Tsui Hark's "Dragon Inn" of 1992. The director and cast had a lot to say about filming.

The cast of "Flying Swords of the Dragon Gate" walked the red carpet in Macao on Thursday. Jet Li, Zhou Xun, Chen Kun, and Li Yuchun from the Mainland and Gwei Lunmei from Taiwan.

Director Tsui Hark says the 3-D technology provides a different shooting experience. But it's not just about action.

Tsui Hark, Director of "Flying Swords of the Dragon Gate", said, "Although it is a kungfu movie, it actually tells a story of our daily life. You may encounter the people and the story in your life. The movie is a metaphor."

For martial arts star Jet Li, this is his first 3-D film in his thirty years of kungfu fighting.

Jet Li, Actor, said, "For a 3-D movie, I'm a green hand. If you want to know what's different from the past 30 years, just go to the cinema. And thank our director for offering a role to the green hand."

The Kungfu veteran's joke is more-or-less putting pressure on Chen Kun. He had to fight Jet Li on camera and defeat him.

Chen Kun, Actor, said, "I spent eight months practising (martial arts). I can't do any other job, so I can make up for what I lack (in skill). The good thing is that this is not a fight between Chen Kun and Jet. I'm glad that the director created a Wu Xia world, so I'm fighting (Jet) as my character. That way, I don't feel so much pressure."

Speaking to the press before the premiere, Zhou Xun and Gwei Lunmei agreed the harsh conditions on set really helped the cast bond.

Zhou Xun, Actress, said, "Every day after filming wrapped, and we would take a shower. It's like exfoliating. There is sand all over the floor. We get together and we eat hot pot. We talk and have a good time."

Gwei Lunmei couldn't agree more.

Gwei Lunmei, Actress, said, "We really bonded. We got through the tough days in the desert together. The fighting scenes in the desert, the wind, the sand, the freezing weather all made it very tough."

After all these twists and turns, "Flying Swords of the Dragon Gate" has finally gone on public screening. But for Hong Kong audiences, they have to wait until the coming Thursday.

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