Leading Chinese Animation Studio Crimson Forest to Bring Legendary Finnish Mythology to Life

2011/10/8 11:55:00 (Beijing Time)   Source:CSN2    By:
LOS ANGELES & BEIJING, Sep 29, 2011 — Crimson Forest VFX/Animation Studio, one of China’s most modern and fastest growing film and animation studios, has been chosen to co-produce The Sampo, a full-length animation feature for the Northern Digital Film Company Helsinki Ltd (NDFC).

Utilizing the latest CGI technology, the 3D feature is budgeted at $10M USD and is scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2014 along with a complete set of games and interactive social media for all major platforms.

The Sampo is based on the famous Nordic legend Kalevala — a series of epic mythologies dating back over 3,000 years from the hinterlands and kingdoms of ancient Finland. The story of Kalevala is one of Finland’s most important tales, and has also served as an influence for J.R.R Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and Silmarillion works. In the manner of all epic stories, the tale pulls at heartstrings and emotion as the hero battles his foes, himself, his people, and the one he loves. The story is an adventure and fantasy tale, evolving around the life of a young blacksmith who cheats death to find he has special powers. The amulet he forges, “The Sampo,” brings with it not only fame and power, but also intertwines him in an epic battle of kings and kingdoms.

“In Crimson Forest we found a partner that we could communicate with flawlessly, and who also has the experience combined with the enthusiasm to help us develop what we anticipate to be a complete series of animations based on the Kalevala legends,” explained Kare Hellen, CEO of NDFC.

Stated Jon Chiew, the General Manager of Crimson, “This is the perfect project for us to further showcase our 3D technology and capabilities as there is currently a huge demand for stereoscopic films in the market. As one of the leaders in this space we are thrilled to be chosen for this project and extend our services and reach to other countries who can benefit from our multi-cultural English speaking team, lower production costs and our reputation for on-time delivery.”

Crimson Forest COO and animation team leader Andy Chen, a veteran of DreamWorks and the US animation industry, added, “This project is perfect for us as it utilizes our full range of in-house capabilities — from creation of the original storyboard and art concepts all the way to 3D stereoscopic application and final renderings. We look forward to working with the industry professionals at NDFC on The Sampo project as the story of this legend carries such historic significance.”

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