China Sees Robust Box Office Growth for Animated Films: Report

2017/4/26 16:14:00 (Beijing Time)   Source:Xinhua    By:

China saw robust growth in the animation box office in 2016 despite a sluggish overall movie market, said a report released Monday at an international animation festival.

Animated movies shown in China last year attracted 220 million viewers with a total box office of 7 billion yuan (1 billion U.S. dollars), up 70.5 percent and 58.9 percent respectively year on year, said the report.

The report, jointly drafted by scholars, directors, screen writers and business managers, was released at the 13th China International Cartoon and Animation Festival in Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang province.

Zhang Baiqing, honorary head of the China Film Critics Association, led the compilation of the report.

Box office sales in China increased by 3.7 percent in 2016 to 45.71 billion yuan, ending double-digit growth annually since 2003, figures show.

However, animated movies, especially foreign ones, have witnessed rocketing growth in both box office sales and viewer numbers.

Among the total 62 animated films shown last year, 23 foreign movies took in total box office earnings of 4.66 billion yuan with 149 million viewers, up 98.1 percent and 118.1 percent year on year, according to the report.

Movie Gross Admissions
Jade Dynasty Ⅰ
Detective Conan: T... US$22.99(M) 5102807
The Last Wish US$21.40(M) 4609708
The Legend Of Hei US$20.62(M) 4352521
Ne Zha US$12.29(M) 2540537
Fast & Furious Pre... US$10.50(M) 2029919
Crawl US$6.70(M) 1488746
The Bravest US$1.83(M) 416852
Free Solo US$1.53(M) 303962
Lucky star US$0.57(M) 129564